Paul Walker Car-Crash Footage Causes Fans to Reminisce

Paul Walker

Paul Walker and the recent car-crash footage that confirmed his death, has led fans to reminisce about the beloved star, who was currently working towards the new Fast and Furious film release.The video below shows the remnants of the car and reports that both Paul and the other passenger have died. They were on their way to a charity event.

He was just 40 years old, and is yet another star to have been taken before his time. Universal have released a statement that they are heart-broken over the star’s death, and that he was a highly cherished and respected part of their team. He had worked with them for 14 years, and they send many regards to his family for this unfortunate loss.

Paul Walker had an abundance of fans, evident by his 1,369829 follows just on twitter. It is with a heavy heart that they look back upon his most famous films, and reminisce about his fruitful career, after footage is revealed to confirm his death in a car-crash.

  1. Joy Ride is an American thriller road movie. It stars Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, and Leelee Sobieski. In an attempt to win his childhood friend, Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker), offers to take her on a road trip and drive her home. His brother invites himself along for the journey. On their way, the brothers encounter a brutal attack at a motel and are questioned by the police. However, they are let go and proceed to meet Lewis’s childhood friend. As a result of their presence during the attack at the motel, they become targets and a number of kidnaps and violent assaults transpire.
  2. Eight Below is an American adventure drama film. It stars Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood and Jason Biggs. Jerry Shepard (Walker) is a guide at an Antarctica research base. He is on a mission to find a rare meteorite from planet Mercury, despite his inclination that it is too late in the year to go on such a dangerous expedition. All they have for transport due to the weather, is a dog sled. As he battles weather conditions with his team, he has to leave the dogs behind. Feeling extremely guilty about this, at home Walker leaves his post as a guide. Instead, he focuses on rescuing the dogs.
  3. Noel is a Christmas-themed drama. It stars Paul Walker, Susan Sharandon, Penelope Cruz, Alan Arkin, Daniel Sunjata and Robin Williams. The film is based around five characters whose lives are inter-linked by a series of events that occur on Christmas Eve.
  4. Timeline is a science fiction adventure movie. It stars It stars Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, David Thewlis and Anna Friel. A group of archaeological students attempt to recover their professor but as a result become trapped in the past. They have to remain there long enough to be rescued, however they come up against many life-threatening encounters. 
  5. The Fast and the Furious – Paul Walker’s most famous film. An action film starring Walker, Vin Diesel, Chad Lindberg, Johnny Strong, Matt Schulze, Michelle Rodriguez, Thom Barry and Ted Levine. Brian O-Conner (Paul Walker) is an undercover police officer who attempts to find out who is stealing electronic equipment. However, his cover gets blown which triggers a series of action-packed car races and shootings.

The footage of Walker’s car-crash and revelations of his death have caused fans to reminisce upon his greatest achievements, like the films listed above. He was a very successful in numerous ways, and was loved not only by his followers, but also the people he worked with. It is an enormous loss that he has died at just 40 years old.


By Melissa McDonald