Jane Kean Passes Away at Age 90

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Jane Kean passed away on Tuesday at the ripe old age of 90. She reportedly passed away at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center after being hospitalized from a fall that led to a hemorrhagic stroke. There were many roles Kean played throughout her life, but she was best known as Trixie on the TV revival of The Honeymooners.

Kean’s acting career began in the early 1940s when she appeared in Sailors on Leave. She continued the following year appearing in Flying with Music until she took a 7 year break from acting. In 1949 she was back and made an appearance in the TV series Fireside Theatre. She was slowly building her acting reputation with the small roles in All Star Summer Revue, The Jackie Gleason Show and Season’s Greetings.

Kean’s longest series thus far was The Phil Silvers Show. This show lasted from 1956 until 1959. After a couple of years, she played a minor role in Follow the Sun. It wasn’t until 1976 when Kean had a role in the TV movie The Honeymooners as Trixie Norton. The following year she filmed the second Honeymooners movie, which then led to another one that same year.

The Honeymooners was Kean’s big break that would leave a lasting impression on the audience. Since The Honeymooners, the young actress played a few simple roles throughout the years until her recent movie called Abner, the Invisible Dog. Fortunately this movie was completed before she passed away. It is unknown when this movie will be released. She starred with David DeLuise and David Chokachi.

Though this actress played in many works, she will always be known as Trixie from The Honeymooners. As Trixie, she worked with Jackie Gleeson and Art Carney. In The Honeymooners, she played the suffering wife of Ed Norton. It was said that the public thought the show and characters were real. Though this was Kean’s most memorable role, she was not a one-role kind of actress. Prior to playing Trixie, she made appearances in Broadway shows, including The Pajama Game and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? She recently starred in a two-woman musical she wrote called We, which featured Barbara Perry.

As for Kean’s personal life, her first marriage, which ended in divorce, was to Richard Linkroum. After the divorce, she was married to her manager, Joe Hecht. They were married until 2006, when he passed away. Kean was survived by her niece, her niece’s husband and their two children. She was also survived by her stepson, along with his own son.

It is hard to let go of someone who has been in the business of entertainment for generations. Kean saw many changes to the entertainment industry, yet she always seemed to mold herself well with the changes. This woman will continue spreading joy to the public with her many roles she had played throughout the years. She played in some timeless classics that will always be family favorites. At age 90, Kean dies but her memory will live on in the hearts of everyone until the end of time.

By Anjulina MaComber




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