Paul Walker Assets Cause Family Feud

WalkerThe family of Paul Walker are believed to be in the middle of a debate over his $45 million fortune. The assets of Walker are causing a feud between the family as they cannot agree on who will get anything. The main feud is between his parents and the mother of his daughter, Meadow Walker.

It was expected that the money would go to Walker’s 15-year-old daughter. However, there are worries that her mother, Rebecca McBrain, will use some of that money herself. She believes that since she dated the star for a year between 1998 and 1999, she should get some money.

Members of Walker’s immediate family do not believe this. They believe that they should be the “financial caretakers” for their minor granddaughter. They will put some of that money away for 15-year-old Meadow. Walker’s daughter is currently too young to handle such a substantial amount of money.

Another person in the feud is Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. She was dating Walker at the time of his death, and they had been together for seven years. There have been no comments yet over whether she will receive anything.

It is a devastating time for the family. Meadow was moving to live with her father just before his death, after living with her mother in Hawaii. Walker was reportedly extremely happy to have his daughter so close by.

The Walker assets that are causing the family feud total $45 million. Most of this wealth was gained from the Fast & the Furious franchise, which involved six movies up to the time of his death. The Hollywood star was in the midst of filming the seventh movie, which was put on hiatus after his death. It has now been confirmed that the clips that were filmed will now be used in the final version. The question for many is how they will be handled. Will Walker’s character be killed off onscreen, or will his brother take over the role.

Cody Walker has remained quiet about the situation. He is a stuntman and looks very similar to his older brother. According to reports, it would be very easy for him to come in and play Walker’s role. CGI could be used to make him look even more like Walker. He does not seem to be a part of the feud rising over his brothers estate.

The main cause for concern is McBrain, who wants her entitlement. According to the law, she is not entitled to the money as she is not and was not married to the star. There may be a share for her, but Walker’s parents are not going to let her have all of it. They believe that they can make the best decision for their granddaughter.

Walker is not the only celebrity to have a family feud caused by assets. Others include Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. However, some other celebrities have had multiple people claiming a right to their assets. At least in this case, the feud has been contained between the parents, daughter, girlfriend and ex-girlfriend. Hence, it should be much easier for them to come to some sort of agreement.

By Alexandria Ingham

Hollywood Life

29 Responses to "Paul Walker Assets Cause Family Feud"

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  2. ella   January 16, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    he must of thought highly of his girlfriend after all he stayed with her for seven years and yes I think she should be entitled to something of his as in sentimental value ,everything else should go to his daughter but not held in trust by the grandparents a court should appoint someone from outside of the family to do this as there will always be bitterness amongst the family if any family member has control of the trust fund.

  3. Suzanne Kemp   January 15, 2014 at 8:30 am

    meadow should get his estate..his family and jasmine should share his personal items out..and keep pauls charity going

  4. vallan   December 29, 2013 at 11:59 am

    If he was smart enough to have a financial advisor…who btw was his close friend and other victim than it’s pretty safe to say he had a will drawn. These men were much smarter then you think in terms of finances. Many charity donations are used as tax write offs also. What you people think should be done with the money is irrelevent. In absense of a will it will all be put in trust to his daughter as stated by California law.

  5. shannondede   December 27, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Meadow is the First in line to receive Paul’s estate. Not difficult for any lawyer to make sure she receives it after putting it in a Trust until such a time she can manage it. Paul’s family should not receive anything and certainly not that piece of worthless gutter dwelling garbage Gosnell.
    This kind of money is difficult for anyone to handle and administrators and other people are just waiting to get a hold of it to swindle money from it. If Paul did not have a Will, it will go to Meadow and I am sure the State will receive some of the wealth. This is why everyone needs a Will.
    It won’t be long until Meadow is of age to decide and if she wants her mother to receive some of the estate, she should have the legal capacity to do so.
    I could almost see the dollar signs in his Dad’s eyes when he was saying, “Maybe this was the way it was supposed to be” during an interview after his death.
    Regardless. Meadow should truly be the only one who receives any of it.

  6. Kim Cannon   December 26, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    I think Meadow should have the money,she is to young to have that much money,I agree with Pauls mother it should be put in a trust for her until an appropriate age where she will be responsible enough to handle it. She wants to keep ROWW alive in honor of her father,this would allow her to continue doing all the good her father was doing. I think his parents along with a lawyer should be in control of the money until she becomes the age they set forth for her to have control of the money.. Ms.Mcbrain should get NOTHING AT ALL,their daughter is grown there is no reason for her mother to have any money or control of any money left to her daughter Meadow. Paul’s current girlfriend Jasmine should not receive any money either,I do think she should have something of sentimental value of their relationship. Paul had several houses,several cars,let her have one of the houses they spent time together at and the car they used when they were together. Jasmine is in school and she is young,she will eventually find someone to spend the rest of her life with.. My daughter lost the love of her life two years ago,a drunk driver hit him head on,the family included her in his funeral arrangements,and made sure she got things of his that were sentimental to both of them. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do,telling my daughter he had been killed by a drunk driver. Losing a loved one is devestating,I don’t understand why people have to make it harder by fighting over money and possessions that are left behind.. Paul’s parents are doing the right thing by putting his money in a trust for his daughter until time she can be responsible enough to handle it. I think it is very apparent by his many interviews that taking care of Meadow was his top priority in his life. I really hope he had a will so it will end all of the unnecessary fighting. If he didn’t have a will, I think his parents are doing the right thing by their son and doing what they think and know in their heart Paul would want. I have much RESPECT for Paul’s family and the way they have handled this situation and I am sure they will continue to do what they know Paul would do and that’s all that matters..


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