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Paul Walker

Paul Walker conspiracy theories are running fast and furious through the dynamic medium of cyberspace. In the wake of the actors death, there are some questions floating around regarding the circumstances under which he appears to have passed away. Although the media headlines have been riddled with titles and stories about the death of the Fast and Furious actor, it is interesting to note that due to the severity of the damage caused, the coroner’s office handling the autopsy has stated that the bodies recovered from the vehicle were so badly burned that they had to pursue a positive ID using dental records. That process has yet to provide a positive identification report from the coroner regarding the two bodies taken from the crash site.

The coroner reporting the badly burned condition of the bodies has lent yet another piece of evidence which has resulted in questions regarding the Paul Walker death. As with any highly visible event, the sheer amount of content which has been generated makes it difficult to ascertain which are the most circulated and coherent theories being passed around the web, however there appear to be a few theories which have managed to bubble up to the top of the flooded rabbit hole of ideas.

One of the popular theories regarding the Walker death has decided to highlight a link that the event seems to have to the popular TV show Family Guy. At the core of this theory lies the idea that an organization called the Illuminati, which many in the conspiracy circles believe to be a semi-secret fraternity that influences world events, like to foreshadow or foretell of significant events prior to them happening. Walker had played a character named “Brian” in a movie, and this is significant to this theory because Brian is also the name of the Family Guy dog which, wait for it, was unexpectedly killed in a car crash.

This is hardly conclusive evidence of a conspiracy, but some might consider it credible circumstantial evidence when combined with other “foreshadowing” example’s that theorists point to, examples that include The Simpsons and the 9/11 foreshadowing and the Family Guy foreshadowing the Boston incident. This most recent sudden death of character “Brian Griffin” from Family Guy has caused many theorists to point to the parallel that Paul Walker, who also died unexpectedly in a car-related incident, once played a “Brian” in a previous movie. Interestingly enough, it appears that the new dog on Family Guy is named Vinnie. Whether theorists point to this as significant or not cannot be ascertained clearly as numerous ideas are currently circulating around cyberspace.

There are additional reasons which have made some look towards the hazy world of the illuminati. Theorists have pointed to a number of reasons as to why they believe that the Walker death has connections to the shadowy underworld. Perhaps the two most discussed are the significance of some of the movies he acted in. First, some will point to the Fast and Furious series and its identical title to the ATF operation “Fast and Furious.” Interestingly, many will highlight the fact that the name of the Border Patrol agent killed in connection to the Fast and Furious ATF debacle was also named Brian. In addition, there is the movie The Skulls which was about the Yale secret society “Skull and Bones.” Skull and Bones, also known as the Russell Trust Association, is a now widely-recognized Yale secret society which dons notable figures in the upper echelons of business and politics. Theorists have long associated the Illuminati with the Skull and Bones organization. The Yale society was brought more public attention when Tim Russert, the deceased one-time anchor of “Meet the Press,” asked both George Bush and John Kerry about their connection to the society in two separate interviews. 

The theories also include claims that Walker was murdered as a result of information which some allege he had concerning a permanent birth control drug being covertly deployed for use in the disaster relief efforts of Typhoon Haiyan. This theory stems from a post on GLP (godlike productions) which stated that Walker and friend had discovered the use of some such drug being used in connection with the relief efforts and were going to expose evidence they had regarding it. The post goes on to suggest that they were betrayed and died as a result.

The post seems to parallel a similar sterilization scandal in the past regarding the Philippine’s Commission on Population and Antonio de los Reyes. Reyes blew the whistle about such unwarranted sterilizations taking place in the early 1980’s. The existence of a previous occurrence alone cannot discount the possibility that such birth control drugs were not being used again, however no evidence accompanied the GLP post, leaving the readers with an interesting theory that at present can only be seen as speculation.

Finally, there is even a theory that a drone strike is what caused the destruction of the vehicle which is assumed to have been carrying Walker upon the time of his presumed death. As off the wall as this theory appears, it is perhaps the only theory that can boasts any type of evidence in support of it.

The video released by TMZ has drawn considerable attention and quite a bit of debate about what the object shown in the video is. Some have suggested that it is a light-pole which was struck by the vehicle prior to its explosion while others have put forward the idea that it was some sort of projectile which contributed to the explosion. One thing is certain, whatever happened did generate quite a large explosion.

Theorists forums seem to have grasped onto this segment of video coverage as a key piece of evidence. The ideas which seem to be connected to the CCTV footage appear to circle around either a drone strike or an unknown projectile as the cause of the explosion, whereas other points of view credit the flash of light prior to the explosion to what some say could be a light post that was struck by the vehicle.

Other information that has fanned the flamed of conspiracy theories has been the way that the coroner has dealt with the autopsy process. Due to the nature of the crash, the bodies recovered were apparently so badly burned that the only option was to attempt to use dental records to establish a positive identification. Although it is being reported that Walker and his business partner Roger have died, no positive identification has taken place yet. The coroners office handling the case has delayed autopsy results as of Tuesday, with the explanation that it wants to make sure to get all the facts properly verified before releasing any information.

Big celebrity deaths are nothing new, and each has the potential to draw significant coverage and attention. The death of Paul Walker however, has attached to it the element of conspiracy claims which have added to the fanfare surrounding his reported passing away. While it is usually easy to dismiss most conspiracy claims as wild, the frequent visitors to conspiracy land are pointing to the cartoon foreshadowing, the eerily similar death of Michael Hastings, the conspicuously related movie titles, the unusually large explosion and vehicle damage, the death hoax rumors, and perhaps yet unreleased information to suggest that this time there’s something more going on. Whether or not each and every detail surrounding the reported death of Paul Walker will ever be known can only be guessed at right now, but in the meantime the conspiracy theories will continue to run fast and furious.

By Daniel Worku


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