Paul Walker Conspiracy: Was Rodas the Target?

Paul Walker Death Conspiracy: Was Rodas the Target?

All the Paul Walker death conspiracy theories tend to center on Walker alone; all eyes are on his death, and life, with little attention being paid to the late Roger Rodas. The question that springs to mind first and foremost is who was the 38 year-old businessman; car racing team captain and philanthropist. At first glance Rodas looks to be on the same page as the late Paul Walker, both men were generous, charitable and well thought of by their peers.

Trawling the internet to find information on Rodas is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. Articles have been written that promise to reveal a number of things about the owner of Always Evolving; a “jack-of-all-trades” automobile dealership, which, to be frank, are not very illuminating. So far all that is really known about Rodas is that he appears to be the ethereal twin of Paul Walker. Even down to the fact that both friends were devout family men.

On the day of the accident, Rodas drove the Porsche Carrera GT on Saturday Nov. 30 and Walker was the passenger. The two were attending a event for Paul’s Reach Out Worldwide charity. Witnesses who saw the two men get into the car said that according to Walker, they were going on a “quick joy ride.” To all appearances it was a spur of the moment decision and in no way a pre-planned trip. The men were gone for approximately 20 minutes.

As the car was returning to the charity event one witness; Joe Torp, heard a “distant blast” just before the car crashed and exploded. He believes that the Porsche blew a tire and went out of control. Combined with information relayed to PEOPLE magazine by LA County Sheriff detective Joe Maag that seems to indicate the car was travelling faster than 45 MPH when it hit the light pole and tree, there could be something in Torp’s theory. Thus far, however, he is alone in his supposition.

Videos on the internet from TMZ, CNN and others show different angles of the accident all purporting to prove a different theory. One video implies that there was a 60 to 90 second delay before the car burst into flames, giving both men a chance to escape. Another shows the car instantaneously exploding and emitting a 20 to 30 foot plume of fire. There is even a video that shows what the publication claim is a “missile” launched from a drone that caused the explosion. None of these sites have attempted to marry up the video footage with witness statements to corroborate their theories.

With all the supposition surrounding Paul Walker’s death and the rumors of conspiracy based on some mysterious agency murdering the 40 year-old actor, it seems that everyone has forgotten Roger Rodas. Was he the intended target? There are not enough facts available on Rodas to make a convincing case about whether he was supposed to be the victim of a one-car accident, but, what little is known could point in his direction.

Publicly, Roger Rodas did charity work not just with Paul Walker, but on his own. His personal area of focus was in El Salvador, Central America. His charity work is said to have included other countries in Central America. What all these countries have in common is the existence of drug cartels and drug trafficking.

In January 2013, El Salvador was commonly called, in “Mexican narco-war parlance” “El Caminito;” translated this means “the little highway.” The earning of this nickname came from other Central American country’s drug cartel’s using El Salvador’s US-funded highway that was built to boost trade. Unfortunately the only trade that was really encouraged was the cocaine trade. The fact that Salvadoran currency is now the US dollar money laundering has also become prolific in the “little highway.”

With all the conspiracies that have been flooding the internet, none mention the fact that Rodas, with his connections to Central American charities, could have stumbled into the wrong people. With so much drug money floating around in the country via money laundering operations in-country, Rodas could have been approached by drug cartels to help them “clean” their dirty money.

What better place to hide drug cartel profits than in a registered charity? Considering that what little is known about Roger Rodas revealed he was a “straight shooter,” it is not too much of a stretch to imagine that he turned the “drug lords” down. Could that unidentified object spotted on video footage have been a present from drug cartels who wanted to kill Rodas and shut him up permanently?

Looking at the accident from the Central American connection, it looks like the spur of the moment trip of two friends put Walker into a car that was either due to be exploded externally or internally with only Rodas in the vehicle. With so many publications dwelling on the Paul Walker death conspiracy and ignoring the possibility that Roger Rodas was the real target, suggestions that Walker was the target appear to be wrong. Investigations are continuing as to what happened on Saturday afternoon when the car crash killed two well-thought of men before their time. The idea that drug cartels could have targeted Rodas is no less outlandish than claims that the Illuminati targeted Paul Walker.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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