Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions (Update)

Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions

(UPDATE) Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions – It has been pointed out on Paul Walker’s official Facebook page that his daughter Meadow was not at the event on Saturday, November 30 when Paul tragically died. a post on the page states:

Paul Walker Death Theories and Questions
Posted on Paul Walker’s Facebook page..

The author of this story wishes to apologise for the inclusion of Meadow Rain Walker in this account of events on the day that Paul and his good friend Roger Rodas died in the horrific one-car crash. The Las Vegas Guardian Express tries to present the news as truthfully as possible and regrets any upset that this misinformation may have caused Paul Walker’s friends and family.

The number one topic of most conversations right now consists of Paul Walker and his death; along with his good friend Roger Rodas. Many questions are being asked and almost as many theories are making the rounds on the internet. Conspiracies are getting mentioned in the same breath as declarations that the Porsche Carrera GT is a notoriously dangerous car to drive.

The facts, as they stand now, show that the 40 year-old film star got into the red Porsche on the afternoon of November 30, 2013. Walker had been attending a fundraising event for his charity Reach Out Worldwide. Paul’s good friend Roger Rodas was driving the sport car and the two men were going for a quick spin. According to witnesses Walker and Rodas were away for around 20 minutes.

One witness Jim Torp, who is a race car enthusiast, said that as the car was approaching the event he could hear a “distant” blast just before the car crashed and exploded into flames. Torp theorised that the car could have had a blow out at speed and that this could have been responsible for the accident. So far Torp is the only witness who has come forward with this information. No one else has reported hearing any “blasts” or explosive sounds prior to the car crashing.

Some videos have been uploaded from the website TMZ which show the car that Walker and Rodas died in crashing and erupting in flames. The footage is from security cameras and the Porsche is not actually visible as it is hidden by the tree-lined road. The red color of the car can be made out for an instant before the crash. TMZ have helpfully slowed the footage down so that the explosion can be seen clearly.

Another website has utilized the same TMZ footage of the accident to show what they purport to be a “drone strike” on the Walker and Rodas vehicle. Yet another  publication has referenced more video coverage of the crash that they claim shows that the car did not instantaneously burst into flames. This latter site puts forward the theory that Walker and 38 year-old Rodas had a whole minute to escape the vehicle.

One theory even has the Illuminati murdering the film star because he found out about a “birth-control” serum that was in medicines being sent to the typhoon stricken Philippines. It seems that the website first broached this theory. The website specializes in conspiracy suppositions and the death of Walker is no exception. It claims that the Fast & Furious star learned of the birth control issue and investigated since it is his charity raising funds for the country after typhoon Haiyan hit its shores.

These allegations state that Walker “dug too deep” and was silenced by the Illuminati. These are just some of the theories that are making the rounds after Paul Walker’s fiery death. Just as many questions have sprung up since the bizarre one-car accident that claimed two men’s lives. While only one person has brought up the possibility of a blown tire, others have been asking just why the car exploded towards the end of a 20 minute ride that ended in death and almost complete destruction of a vehicle said to be travelling no faster than 45 miles per hour.

Experts can attest to the fact that cars exploding on impact is a theatrical stunt used in films. In reality cars rarely catch fire or explode even in a violent crash. Mechanical experts from Roger Rodas’ company Always Evolving, he was also captain and a driver of the business’ driving team, have stated that they felt the car careened out of control because of a power steering fault. It has been reported that some sort of “fluid burst” was seen at the accident location.

Other questions have been raised as to the cause of death. It has been reported that both men had been so burnt in the fire that they could not be identified. The autopsies were performed today with the results due to be released on Wednesday. Initial reports seemed to indicate that the rapid acceleration of the fire could have produced toxic fumes that killed both men.

Authorities had surmised early on in their investigation that Rodas had been drag racing or “doing donuts” in the car based on skid marks and witness statements that said another car was seen racing with the Porsche. The statements were found to be incorrect and the skid marks were not made by the crashed car.

Stepping away from the more fanciful theories, one question has been raised about the death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas that has not been addressed fully. Neither has anyone stepped forward to provide an explanation to the question. Before its News has posted pictures of the same model of Porsche driven by Rodas after a high speed crash. The vehicle did not burn and it has not sustained the same type of body damage that the burnt-out shell of Rodas’ Porsche. Why then did the red Porsche suffer rapid cremation on a Californian street after a 45 mph impact?

Paul Walker Death: Theories and Questions
Same model car after high speed crash.

While all the theories and questions about Paul Walker’s death flood the internet, friends, family and colleagues of the two men are in shock over their sudden violent death. Walker’s 15 year-old daughter was protected from the site of her dad’s fiery death; she was at the charity event with her dad as was Roger’s son, but,  Rodas’ eight year-old boy actually ran to the car and attempted to rescue his father from the conflagration. The world has been stunned by the death of this well-liked generous star who featured in the Fast & Furious franchise. For all the sadness and curiosity raised by his death, at this stage, it seems the world may never know what really happened  that Saturday afternoon on a Valencia, California road.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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