Wreckage from Paul Walker Accident Stolen by Man, Posted on Instagram

Tow truck driver was worried about possible theft

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Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles have arrested a man in connection with stealing a piece of wreckage evidence from the vehicle Paul Walker died in and posted on a social media site (see update below). Late Saturday as the tow company loaded the destroyed car onto the flatbed truck, the tow driver was nervous. The driver reported he spotted a few vehicles with people in them, watching him. As the tow truck driver stopped at a red late, a man exited one of the cars and “grabbed a piece of the wrecked Porsche,” reported the Sheriff’s department late Thursday evening.

Arrested in connection with the theft is 18-year-old Jameson Witty. Authorities reports that a red T-top roof panel was also acquired from a residence in Canyon Country. Both Witty and the part recovered are from the Santa Clarita area, where Walker’s tragic accident occurred.

An outcry from fans to the arrested man has been felt this morning, as they proclaim disgust with someone stealing evidence and posting it for bragging rights. It seems Witty did not act alone and authorities report a 25-year-old individual has contacted authorities late Thursday night to make arrangements for their surrender. Witty has been booked in the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s department this evening on suspicion of tampering with evidence and felony grand theft.

Witty’s bond has been set to $20,000.

Fans need no reminder of the tragic events that stemmed Saturday when news outlets shocked the world that Paul Walker was killed, in a horrible accident. The accident remains under investigation and maintaining the complete remains of the vehicle is imperative to law enforcement, a factor one person didn’t take into mind and is now facing a felony offense.

(Update) It appears Witty foiled his own crime attempt by posting pictures of his theft on Instagram, reports officers. The not-so-intelligent thief decided to brag about his crime across social media and even reported his own confession:

Witty listed the subtitle "“Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light” (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Witty listed the subtitle ““Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light” (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Police were mum when it came to the lead up to the arrest, not advising if someone contacted law enforcement officials of the post leading to Wittyt – or if spotted by officials. Angry responses continue to pour in this morning as fans of Walker are stunned by the theft. Walker was reportedly the passenger in the Porsche, Roger Rodas the driver in the tragic accident.

The facts surrounding the accident continue to mystify fans and police have tried to keep an eye on all items pertaining to the accident. The theft committed by Witty strikes a chord of questioning as to where police were as the tow truck driver loaded the wreckage atop of his flatbed. In such a high profile case, a police escort may had been wise.

Paul Walker’s death continues to strike the heart of millions who continue to grieve. As they do, a man came under arrest this evening for a connection of stealing a portion of the wreckage evidence. More details will follow as information comes forward from the Santa Clarita Valley Sherriff’s office. Detectives with the agency are asking for public assistance – if you know anyone who saw the events of the theft please contact LA Crime Stoppers 800-222-TIPS (8477) to report it.


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