Paul Walker’s Death Raises Tough Questions Over His New Must See Movies

Paul WalkerWhile the completely shocking death of actor Paul Walker is being mourned by thousands of fans of the Fast and Furious franchise many tough questions will need to be made by studio executives over what to do with the films Walker was involved in before his death. Movies that have now become must see experiences for the actor’s fans.

Most notably, and fittingly for a summary of the actor’s career, the biggest questions surround the production and release of Fast & Furious 7. The franchise is one of the most successful of its kind in recent history, clearly indicated by its seventh chapter, but was also a special project for Walker because it combined his love of racing cars and acting. Interestingly the films also starred actor Vin Diesiel, another actor, along with Walker, who seem to be mainly known for these films.

The latest chapter in the Fast & Furious family has been shooting in Atlanta and Los Angeles for a solid stretch now. Walker was killed while on Thanksgiving vacation from shooting in Atlanta. Reports have already come out alleging that film had already completed many expensive, high profile racing scenes that will be difficult producers to simply back away from.

If the creative team behind Fast and Furious 7 do find a way to use Walker’s role as Brian O’Conner in the films they surely can expect a high grossing picture as fans will be eager to see Walker one more time in this famous franchise.

Director James Wan is reported to have met with his bosses to discuss these possibilities already, but no news has surfaced yet as to what they will decide.

Walker leaves behind another movie that had to make a tough decision after his death and is starting to generate a “don’t miss” persona. Questions surrounding this film however seem to have been answered. Hours is a drama set amidst the horror of Hurricane Katrina and is reported to have been a “passion project” for Walker. Producers decided they would not delay the film’s scheduled release day of Dec. 13 in the wake of Walker’s death.

“After lots of back and forth, this is our decision. It’s Paul’s tour de force. He’s in every frame of the movie,” an executive at Pantelion told The Hollywood Reporter. Other producers have told the media that Paul would have wanted everything to proceed as scheduled because of how much respect he had for the film they had made.

Producer Peter Safran also added that Walker saw this film as a chance to show people that he was a really good actor, acting being something that those who dislike the Fast & Furious franchise say is terribly missed. Safran added that Walker was rarely given an opportunity to showcase his acting talent, an underhanded dig at the Fast & Furious movies, but that Walker “hit it out of the park” in Hours

Walker leaves behind another lesser known film to be released titled Brick Mansions. Set to be released in May 2014, it is a remake of a French action film titled District 13 that was released back in 2004.

At this point there seems little doubt that Walker will always be known for his role in the Fast & Furious franchise. Now fans will wait to see how producers resolve the questions generated by his death. Fans will brace themselves to see what the future of the franchise will hold without Walker and what will become of his character Brian O’Conner. Intrigue is also building for Hours, which might be a must see for fans, and could be the final statement of Paul Walker’s career.

By Nick Manai


Hollywood Reporter


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