Pregnancy and Love Success is Higher When Women Laugh

Pregnancy and Love Success is Higher When Women Laugh
The chance of pregnancy and love success is higher when women laugh, according to a recent study.  Future research on laughter’s impact is needed.

Researchers for a “MIRTH” study in the open access journal BMJ showed that women who underwent fertilization treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer had a 36% pregnancy rate after laughing at a mock “chef-de-cuisine” clown telling jokes; whereas, those without the clown had 20% pregnancy rates in a controlled study.

Medical professors Ferner and Aronson of Birmingham in the UK analyzed previous clinical studies on laughter from Medicine 1946 to June 2013 and from Embase from 1974 to June 2013.  They designed it in a “narrative synthesis” to explore the veracity as to whether laughter is truly one of nature’s best medicines.

Laughing Sparks the Love Embers with this Couple

Other researchers have confirmed benefits of laughter are largely unknown.  Much of the time laughter is quoted as the anecdote for many woes, but the question has remained as to whether laughter is the key, or if being around friends and family is the causal element, since studies show people laugh more when they are socializing.

General health benefits from laughter have surfaced from scientific studies over the years, such as one from the 2009 American College of Sports Medicine.  This study showed laughter can lower stress, improve blood flow and lower risks of high blood pressure.  Another study at this time further uncovered that an active funny bone in some cases defended patients from heart attacks.  In addition, the Mayo Clinic cited instances of how a hearty laugh cheered up lagging moods, and strengthened the immune system.

Love and getting pregnant generally go together, or at least that is what most people hope.  The next question is whether laughter can help revive romance and make sex more fulfilling?  In dating relationships, it has been shown that women who laugh are considered more attractive, and women generally seek men who have a lively sense of humor. Humor, although it hasn’t been proven in large-scale studies, has been recognized for its ability to enliven romantic relationships.

Laughter Helps Women Relax

Sexologist and certified Laughter Yoga leader Dr. Martha Lee, said most definitely “yes” that laughter is a fundamental need in love relationships, and described ways that sex and laughter are connected:

Laughter whether fake or real, can de-stress and deflate worry, and naturally it can lighten the mood in the bedroom.  A key to succeeding in Laughter Yoga, is to fake it until the real “thing” comes, and having an orgasm works the same way, said Dr. Lee.  The more you practice laughter, the more easily you can chuckle, and similarly, with orgasms.

Dr. Lee explained further that laughter helps stimulate your brain, enlivening the feelings of pleasure, and orgasms have a similar function.

In general Dr. Lee recommended in taking strides toward pleasure rather than sitting around, waiting for it to happen:  “

“We don’t have to wait until we are in the mood to do something before we do it. This body-over-mind applies equally to laughter and sex.  With practice, we gain control over our minds and get back in touch with our bodies.”

Faking laughter or even orgasms may feel foolish to some women, yet taking purposeful strides to boost pleasure in life may be just the remedy that has been avoided.  Concentrated efforts like these could reduce unnecessary tensions that many people have when trying to get pregnant, or could re-vitalize desired levels of pleasure in sexual intimacy.

Women Who Fake Laughter Soon Will Really Laugh

Generally, proving the outcomes of laughter is a challenge because everyone has a unique sense of humor, but so far the researchers and experts have been leaning towards the value in chortling with buddies as much as possible.   Pregnancy chances increase and success in love go up immeasurable notches on the ladder when women laugh.

By Danelle Cheney

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