President Obama Says 2014 Is the Year for Action

ObamaAccording to President Barack Obama, 2014 is the year for action. He made the statement at a press conference on Friday, where he also stated that during the first three weeks in December more than 500,000 American people enrolled on the Affordable Care Act, despite many problems with the government website.

President Obama is happy that millions of people are now covered with affordable but quality health care.

However, the work is not over. There is now the focus on getting more people into work and through education, and to help build their skills. The focus is on the middle class to help those families have better lives and more opportunities. He also stated that immigration was something to look at next year.

There have been a number of “ups” and “downs” throughout 2013, but the President does not see it has his worst year. However, the polls and surveys say a different thing. During a CNN polling, his approval rating dropped to 41 percent, which is where it stood during the CNNORC International survey released on Friday. That 41 percent is an all-time low for Obama.

The disapproval rating is also at an all-time high, at 56 percent.

Obama refused to acknowledge that the polls were a view that people had lost trust in him. He stated that the polls have fluctuated throughout his five years in office.

The President has also touched on the NSA, defending the collection of communication by the government. Confirming that 2014, it is a year for action, Obama has confirmed that he will listen to independent recommendations and make a “pretty definitive” decision after the New Year to help protect civil liberties.

By Alexandria Ingham


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