Rob Ford Offered to Pay $5,000 and Buy a Car in Exchange for His Video

Rob Ford
Court documents allege Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, offered to pay $5,000 and buy a car in exchange for his video.

New court documents allege that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford offered to pay the men responsible for filming his “crack-smoking” video, a sum of $5,000 and buy them a car, in exchange for his video. The allegations came from a Toronto police investigation that was targeting an alleged street gang that was under investigation for illegal drugs and guns.

The revelations have not yet been proved in court, but were made public after media fought months of court battles for the release of the incriminating court documents.

Police say that their investigation may prove that Ford knew about the video and tried to bribe the men prior to the news of the video breaking to the media. According to police wiretaps, even though Ford knew about the video, he still allegedly purchased hard drugs from the men that boasted they also had pictures of him “on the pipe” and “doing the hezzah.” Hezzah, is slang word that is sometimes used for heroin.

These new revelations contradict Ford in his original media statement in which he admitted to smoking crack. In the original statement Ford said that he smoked crack “once about a year ago” and “maybe in one of my drunken stupors.” In the newly released documents, it alleges that Ford met with the dealers at least once back in the spring. The incriminating video has been said to have been filmed back in February. The meeting was allegedly to have taken place in Etobicoke, which is a suburb of Toronto.

The documents stated that Rod Ford offered those in possession of the video, $5,000 and a car, in exchange for turned over the video of him allegedly smoking the crack cocaine. The individuals in possession of the video are said to have discussed selling it to the media. They also wanted Ford to pay closer to $150,000 as the price to buy his video.

Back in May, a man that was said to have been trying to sell the video to journalists was allegedly briefly kidnapped over the video, by two associates. One alleged suspect that Ford made the offer to was shot in the now-famous Etobicoke 17th floor apartment.

Multiple people have already been arrested from this police investigation into the alleged gang. The wiretaps have also been alleged to contain conversations of having pictures of Ford “on the dugga,” which is a slang word for marijuana.

A March 27th report by the Toronto Star, said that Ford was attending a military gala event when he was asked to leave, as several of the event’s organizers considered him to be too intoxicated to stay. After the report was published, Ford gave an ironic response to the Toronto Star’s story. Ford responded to the report by saying “Lies after lies and lies,” and called the reporters “pathological liars.”

Later that day, Ford’s response to the media garnered more attention of other Ford associates. Documents and wiretaps filed by the Police are said to have recorded Siyadin Abdi and Mohamed Siad speaking about the Toronto Star’s report and Ford’s offer to buy his video.

The latest news of Rob Ford’s offer to pay $5,000 and buy a car in exchange his incriminating video, have just added to more controversy for Toronto’s “crack-smoking mayor.” Media around the world has sensationalized Ford for his absurd actions and comments. For some time now, the Toronto mayor has been viral on a variety of media, from news and late-night comedy talk shows, to Internet memes and social media.

By Brent Matsalla

National Post
Global News
Vancouver Sun

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