Selena Gomez Naked Look

Selena Gomez Naked Look

Along with the news that Selena Gomez is cancelling her Australian tour she recently stepped out sans makeup to show off a bold naked look that featured a flawless complexion. The 21 year-old singer proved that she doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful, although, she does look years younger without it.

Selena was captured by paparazzi when she was wending her way to a pal’s home in Los Angeles. The performer had gone all retro with her straight 1970s hairdo and poncho top. She looked fabulous apart from looking about 12 years-old sans the old facepaint. Still, at 21, she will come to appreciate those youthful looks when she gets older.

Gomez has just announced her “down under” tour cancellation which, she says, was needed to give her a little “me time.” The singer has been working flat out and during one recent performance took a tumble off the stage while singing.  Selena’s decision to take a break so that she doesn’t  wear herself out is admirable. Other performers would have resorted to pharmaceutical help. The Slow Down singer is following the lyric of her recent single and doing just that, slowing down.

Gomez’s friends already know that she is dead set against using drugs to keep her energy level up, so it isn’t surprising that she chose to not perform versus carrying on until she made herself ill. Selena loves her fans and does go all out to perform at her concerts. Selena opted for the naked look still managing to look great while obviously suffering from over exertion.

Selena Gomez Naked Look
Makeup free and still beautiful.

The naked look boldly shown off by Selena Gomez seems to be catching on. This week could be called no-makeup week with the amount of famous beauties daring to bare all by leaving the makeup at home. Uma Thurman showed she had a lot in common with her character G-Girl in My Super Ex-Girlfriend by showing off her super flawless complexion. The 43 year-old mother of three does not look too pleased to have been caught “bare-faced,” but, she still looks great.

Gwyneth Paltrow was caught sporting the naked look as well at John F. Kennedy Airport. The 41 year-old mother of two showed that hitting your forties doesn’t automatically mean suffering from saggy, wrinkled skin. Incredibly she was passing through LAX after a long flight. There aren’t many who can finish a long trip looking so beautifully perfect.

Getting away from Selena’s bold bare-look, it has not been reported just how her Australian fans feel about the news that she decided to take her song Slow Down to heart and do just that. Gomez made the announcement to her down under fans. The statement apologized for leaving them in the lurch, but,  she needed a break after working steadily for years.

The singer did tell her disappointed fans that tickets purchased for the five day whirlwind tour would be refunded by outlets where they had been bought.

Apart from taking this time off to work on being as good as she “can be” Selena Gomez and her bold naked look shows that she stopped before her health could be affected by the hectic schedule. She looks wonderful, if not very young, sans makeup and her fans will no doubt understand the singer putting her health first. In the meantime, they can always listen to her most recent singles via YouTube. We’ve included her music video for Slow Down below.  Enjoy.

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  1. Kacey   December 21, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    She is a fine example of a person who knows when to stop before she breaks down and end up like other famous people in this industry. You can’t tell the future, but you can impend from something bad to happen in the cause of stress.


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