Teacher Makes Racist Remark to Black Student Dressed as Santa Claus

Father Wants Teacher Fired

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In Rio Rancho, NM, A Cleveland High School teacher reportedly uttered a racist remark to a black student who came to school dressed as Santa Claus last week. The unidentified teacher has infuriated the student’s father, Michael, who reportedly says his son is autistic.

The teacher apparently told the student, Christopher Rougier, “Santa Claus is white, what’re you doing wearing that?” Cleveland High School had had a day for students to come to school dressed in Christmas-y clothes. Christopher had chosen to wear a Santa Claus beard and a hat.

Michael is furious that the teacher still works at the high school. Evidently, Michael was not aware of the incident until another parent called him to tell him what had happened. The school had never contacted him, and when Michael called the school, the principal hung up on him. According to Rio Rancho Public Schools, the teacher reported the incident to the principal. Perhaps this is why the school did not call Michael.

Michael reportedly says his son has not put back on his Santa Claus beard or hat. Christopher refuses to decorate the Christmas tree, an activity he loves doing. The remark had a serious effect on Christopher, who now does not want to celebrate Christmas at home. What should have been a pleasant, fun experience for the ninth grader left him ashamed by his teacher’s remark.

A spokesperson for Rio Rancho Public Schools reportedly said the teacher has been disciplined but will not state what the discipline is. The spokesperson says the teacher is unaware of his “dumb” mistake and has apologized to Christopher and his father, but this is not good enough for Michael. He wants the teacher fired.

“[The teacher] needs to be fired. For him to make a comment like that, there has to be at a minimum, prejudice in him. We don’t have room for that,” says Michael. Christopher has been removed from the teacher’s classroom.

Megyn Kelly Says Santa Claus Is White

The Rio Rancho teacher has company with his racist remark. Last week, Megyn Kelly of FOX News claimed Santa Claus is white. How does she know? Her response was provoked by an article she read, written by Aisha Harris, and titled, “Santa Claus Should Not be a White Man Anymore.” Harris said it was supposed to be tongue in cheek but Kelly apparently missed it because Kelly’s “view of the rest of the world is just as limited and unimaginative.” Ouch.

Kelly’s response to Harris’ article, many feel, was rather flippant, insisting “Santa just is white.” Although Santa has often been painted and visualized as white, it does not necessarily mean Santa Claus is white. The color of Santa Claus’ skin is left up to individual perception although he is based on the character of St. Nicholas, who has pale chin and bright rosy cheeks.

Kelly also said Jesus Christ is Caucasian. This is debatable, because the racial background of Jesus Christ has always been uncertain. While the Bible makes no mention of Jesus’ skin color, it is likely he had olive skin tone considering the countries he lived in during the time of the New Testament.

By Juana Poareo


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