Sarah Connor Named for Terminator 5 Remakes Bad for Hollywood

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The newest plan to ruin an original, epic, movie is now underway in Hollywood, as the Terminator reboot movie is in casting stages right now. The part of Sarah Connor has now been confirmed. This draws forth a hearty sigh of resignation. When will Hollywood reclaim an original backbone? The latest news stemming from unnamed sources lists the next installment of Terminator as an on-going, stand-along, trilogy of the branded movies. This sounds like a polite way of saying, “we’re unsure of the characters we have selected, so this allots us the probability of switching out characters on the fly.” If the news of the dubbed Terminator 5 (to be titled as Terminator: Genesis) reboot isn’t enough to make one shake their head, this next bit of news will. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be reprising the role as the Terminator.

Terminator: Salvation provided an alternative angle and stemmed from rewriting the original
Terminator: Salvation provided an alternative angle and stemmed from rewriting the original

There is something so utterly epic in the 1984 original release of Terminator, not even Christian Bale could shake it loose. It seems director McG wasn’t looking to do so. They developed the storyline of John Connor in the future. It provided a sense of closure for many and Bale played a perfect Connor. The movie received lukewarm reception, considering the star power that graced the screen.

With that in mind, it is further baffling why director Alan Taylor jumped on the chance to do a reboot. Perhaps, this is a generational review, but the 80’s developed some of the most original, epic movies that remakes have continually ruined. This is not a hit against Emilia Clarke who has been confirmed for the role as Sarah Connor. In this fan’s head, Linda Hamilton will always be the original ruler of the role. It just seems Hollywood has decided to completely press reset and destroy the fabric of the movie with a trilogy announcement.

That’s like someone announcing Road House will see a remake, oh wait , that too is happening! Yes, Rob Cohen, the mad talent behind The Fast and the Furious, was tapped to direct the remake. Good luck casting anyone remotely as amazing as the only, Patrick Swayze. Remember, the amazing Barbie turns real-life hottie in the 1985 movie, Weird Science? Yes, a remake is in discussion for that. To really upset the fans of Kurt Russell and his amazing talent behind the antics of Snake Pliskin, rumors suggests an Escape from New York remake in progress. This groan-worthy regurgitation of movies is ridiculous. Especially, considering how expensive going to the movies is truly becoming.

Perhaps, remembering the fail factor of some of the 80’s remakes will help to jog the memory of Hollywood and the “what not to do!” factor. Fame. An epic and what this writer calls “the original Glee” was set up to demonstrate the talent of students in a New York high school. It worked in 1980, not so much in 2009 when the acting skills were horribly embarrassing. Watching Conan the Barbarian from the early 80’s always makes for a fun Sunday afternoon, because there was heart and charisma in the original. Then something happened, a remake was born. The 2011 release starring Jason Momoa as Conan, seemed to have the right ingredients, but could not execute a well done movie. Of course there are additional eyesores, like Footloose, Miami Vice, A Nightmare on Elm Street and so on, that continue to show why remakes are a bad idea.

No offense Affleck, but when tapped as Batman, it's time to stop remaking movies.
No offense Affleck, but when tapped as Batman, it’s time to stop remaking movies.

Last week there were rumors that Jason Clarke was tapped as John Connor. Today, it was confirmed Emilia Clarke will play Sarah Connor. The movie is slated for release in the summer of 2015. Unknown are the exact details of what will be covered, but the title Terminator: Genesis, leaves a clue. It seems the studios are stepping in to squash the original epic movie, with a ruined edition. No matter the star power or how one hopes it will do well, it won’t and why? That 80’s vibe isn’t there. It’s a movie created in the 2000’s trying to capture that epic decade.

Overall, it seems instead of rebooting classic movies, Hollywood needs to find a foothold of original and creative processes. Actors used to become epic for dominating a new role, but it just seems to be a test of redundancy until someone gets “it” right. Hopefully, Clarke will gain some factor of credit for the role of Sarah Connor. The amount of Superman, Batman and Hulk movies have shown this dire need to keep playing a broken record. A dash of originality is sorely needed in Hollywood. Turning to Terminator and adding Genesis or 5 for a reboot is not a good start.  What are your thoughts on this news? Epic win or epic fail?


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9 Responses to "Sarah Connor Named for Terminator 5 Remakes Bad for Hollywood"

  1. justafan   January 26, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    what about the sarah connor chronicles ,this t.v.program as easily the equal of t-2 ,casting was perfect ,character development was superb the relationship between john and cameron was a logical extension of johns attachment to ‘ uncle bob’ . there were 2 factions of machines involved . simply reunite the sarah connor cast ,introduce arnold and do some decent story telling and they would have a hell of a movie maybe 2 or 3 .maybe throw in the aussie guy who played terminator in salvation great potential what a world, man and machine in harmony.

  2. Josh   December 20, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Arnold has gotten back in to pretty darn good shape pick up muscle fitness magazine he’s on front cover from few months ago he looks big and cut. I wouldn’t nock his shape now. I think with enough makeup and a good script arnold could pull off a good terminator movie now. I’d still be interested to at least go see it.

  3. jay808   December 17, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Hello Directors? Just show us the war in the future with the resistance defeating the machines and end it up with sending kyle reese back to 1984 or the others somehow also. More time travel is absurd, if these machines had all this technology to make 8 time travel machines, why not just send a few Terminators back to Nazi Germany in 1939 and help the 3rd Reich take over the world for the Machines? Logically more simple. Terminator 3 was one time machine too many. Have some creativity we are sick of time traveling. I was hoping they would continue the franchise from Salvation, T3 should have never been made- a cheap copy of terminator 2. Total disappointment in this reboot plan- no wonder Christian Bale jumped ship cuz it sounds like the new script is garbage. Thanks for ruining one of the best Sci-fi movies series (minus T-3).

  4. FAA   December 17, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Retornen con los actores originales, Emilia Clarke es solamente una actriz para describir apenas una escena, la actriz adecuada para Sarah Connor es Linda Hamilton y para eso se necesita definición alta de efectos especiales CGI.

  5. Dan   December 17, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Steroids? The only difference is Stallone is still on them.. Arnold is too now, you can see from his skin colour (increased hematocrit)..

    Personally I’d thought they’d go the route of having him as the scientist the first terminators were based upon..

  6. James   December 16, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    This whole reboot is a big turn down for me. I wanted a sequel, not a reboot which surely is gonna bomb. Maybe a sequel to Terminator Salvation which shows the final battle. Or, maybe a sequel to Terminator 3, where John and Katherine emerge from crystal peak and are on their journey to lead the resistance.

  7. kojak007   December 16, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    This is a joke, every movie from the 80’s has been remade and as the author appropriately points out, ruined. I have no need or desire to see a new version of Terminator 1…or Robocop 1 or Total Recall or Conan or Highlander or any of these movies. Make a sequel if you must (I would be at least tempted to watch a follow up to Terminator Salvation) but don’t make all the same movies over again for god’s sake.

  8. george w   December 16, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    i want to see evil arnold vs good arnold terminator movie

  9. STR009   December 16, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Arnold will be back as the Terminator? Um, nothing personal, but steroids have left the man not exactly as physically intimidating as he was in the 1980s. Kudos to Stallone and Ferrigno for still having impressive bodies at their age, but Arnold…well, look, we all understand that being governor doesn’t exactly leave time to maintain a bodybuilder’s physique.


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