Texas Earthquakes Mainly in Three Cities This Month

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This month there have been 19 earthquakes in Texas, the largest one was a 3.7 magnitude in the town of Mineral Wells. According to Earthquake Tracker the quakes have occurred primarily in three towns, Sherman, Azle and Mineral Wells. None of the town’s residents are used to feeling the earth move under their feet.  There are concerns the magnitudes will intensify, causing harmful repercussions. The strikes appear to have a consistent rhythm. The quakes in that struck from November 29 to today are listed as follows:

  • 16 days ago 3.6 and 2.8 magnitude in Mineral Wells.
  • 1 day later 3.2 followed by 2.7 magnitude four days after in Azle.
  • 5 days later 3.6 magnitude in Azle
  • The next day 3,7 in Mineral Wells
  • A day later 2,7 in Azle
  • The following day 2.5 in Sherman
  • Yesterday 2.6 in Sherman
  • Today 2.6 in Sherman

Counting back from November sixth to the 28 shows a similar rhythm in the Texas towns of Reno, Springtown, Briar, Eagle Mountain, Azle, Mineral Wells and Jacksboro. Two of the quakes that month were of 3.6 magnitudes, shaking the earth in the towns of Azle and Mineral Wells.

These small Texas towns are prime locations to live when one wants to be away from the hustle and bustle connected with larger cities. Mineral Wells and Azle are approximately 40 miles from each other, with Sherman being about 100 miles from Azle. All three are quaint towns that are not familiar with earthquakes. There has been speculation the quakes are connected to fracking.

Fracking according to website What is Fracking, explains the process includes “hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling for natural gas and oil underneath the ground.” The drilling is made into shale rocks, which contain oil and gas. There are more than 17,000 wells in North Texas. There are concerns for the environment connected to this process. If not processed properly the materials used in hydraulic fracking, (ranging from lead, benzene water, sand, salt and citric acid) the fluids can leak into the ground that would be detrimental to the environment.

The What is Fracking site also states the Associated Press reported a Halliburton executive drank some hydraulic fracking fluid in public proving the fluid is not hazardous to one’s health. The Raw Story reports a story by Suzanne Goldenberg writer for the Guardian UK, that Veronica Kronvall, who resides in Ponder, Texas has a home where an energy company drilled five wells behind her home. Two of them are just 300 feet away from her garden. Since the drilling, Kronvall’s body is affected by something when she is home. Her eyes constantly water, she experiences headaches, bouts of nausea and nosebleeds. There are now at least 15 million Americans living near an oil or gas well.

The conclusions are not conclusive as to what is causing the increased amount of earthquakes happening in parts of Texas. Research is ongoing. Hydraulic fracking is the direction many are pointing their fingers to. The fracking companies are taking extreme preventive measure to ensure the safety of people and the environment.


By Dada Ra


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