The X Factor Live Top Four Perform (Review & Videos)

The X Factor JLive Top Four Perform eff Gutt and Kelly Rowland December 2013

On The X Factor tonight, the Top Four acts will perform live! The singers/acts left are Alex & Sierra, Carlito Olivero, Restless Road, and Jeff Gutt. They’re all very talented singers, but only one act or singer will ultimately win. The remaining acts will perform twice tonight, “Viewers’ Choice Night,” and America has decided by their votes one of the songs that each act will be singing.

The host of The X Factor, Mario Lopez, opened the episode by introducing the remaining competitors. We are just one step away from next weeks’ Finals!” Mario said. He then introduced the judges. Demi Lovato is the only judge currently who doesn’t have a team member left.

After the Viewer’s Choice songs, the competitors will face off head-to-head in a duet, then they will also sing a song of their own choosing. Though there are only four competitors left, there will be plenty of singing and suspense in tonight’s episode of The Voice!

Paulina introduced Carlito, who will be singing first on The Voice. The song that America has chosen for him to sing is “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. Carlito got very emotional and choked up saying that he wants to be able to give back to his family, and to provide for them for all that they’ve done for him.

Carlito reached down into the audience and pulled up one of the young women who had their arms up in the air, and he gave her a hug as he was singing. The females in the audience screamed pretty much throughout the song. Then, he even pulled up Kelly Rowland, and danced with her as he sang! Carlito definitely has charisma and a way with the women.

Kelly: “I LOVE you, I’m so proud of you, Carlito!”

Demi: “That performance has star quality, it really has the X Factor!”

Simon: “What I love about you is that you never let yourself get down. You’re not the best singer; we all know that. But, you make up for it with your charisma.”

Mario reminded America to vote right after The X Factor, and that America has two hours after the show to vote via phone, but until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to vote online.

Next, for Team Simon, Restless Road will perform. They’re a great country group, and many think that they might be the ultimate winners. They will sing the Luke Byran song, “That’s My Kind of Night,” that the Viewers of America chose for him.

“They’re fighters, these boys,” Simon says of the members of Restless Road.

They young women in the audience screamed and cheered for them. Restless Road did a fantastic job singing this song — to be honest, it’s not one of my favorite songs, but they did great singing it. They got a standing ovation from the audience!

Kelly: “You all had everyone shakin’ and dancin’ over here! Great job!”

Demi: “It just wasn’t a Semi-Finals performance! I just don’t think that it was exciting enough!”

Paulina: “I like the performance, but I was expecting more from you guys.”

Simon: “You’ve been together just three or four months, I think that the song was brilliantly chosen for you, and the show wouldn’t be the same without you.”

When The X Factor returned from break, Simon Cowell introduced “the incredible Alex & Sierra!”  This duo is Simon’s second and last act to perform in the Viewers’ Choice portion of  The X Factor.

The Viewers of America voted for Alex & Sierra to sing “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. The duo alternated singing lines of it, while accompanied by a piano. They sounded terrific! The audience members screamed at various points in their performance. Alex & Sierra are remarkable singers, and they will be tough to beat. This is one of my favorite more recent songs, also.

Kelly: “You come up here and you NAILED the performance! I’m a fan!”

Demi: “I have downloaded your performances on iTunes. Anyway, this is so annoying, but I think I’m looking at the winners. I really do.”

Paulina: “I get you guys. You have a huge space in the music industry.”

Simon: “You’re not performing songs — you’re making records, every time you come out here. I know what’s coming up later, so I’m getting really excited.”

After the next commercial break, Jeff Gutt will be performing the song the Viewers of America chose for him, “Hallelujah.” Kelly Rowland introduced him, the only member left of her Over 25s Team.

We got to see Jeff interacting with his young son, and we got to hear Jeff’s father talk about Jeff and his often rocky path to where he is tonight, performing live on The X Factor. Will Jeff move on? I, for one, hope so — he’s got an excellent singing voice!

Jeff’s vocals soared as he sang. The audience clapped along with his performance, and screamed and cheered as he sang. He made this version his own, and he had the audience mesmerized. The entire audience and all four judges gave him a standing ovation!

Demi: “Honestly, I think it will be Alex & Sierra and you in the Finals.”

Paulina: “I loved this song, that you made your own.”

Simon: “That was one of the best versions of the song I’ve ever heard. You sang it like you owned it.”

Kelly:  “Jeff, one word — iTunes! I’m going to download it right now!”

As Mario said, “Jeff cannot get to the Finals without you.”

Your votes count, America, so if you want Jeff or any of the other singers to move on, you must vote! Next, the singers will be going head-to-head against each other in duets.

The first head-to-head battle will be Carlito Olivero against Alex & Sierra. This should be pretty interesting. Alex & Sierra want to both blend with Carlito’s voice, but also sing louder and better than him.

The song that they will be singing is “Falling Slowly.” Carlito Olivero began the song; then, Alex & Sierra joined in. Carlito did a very good job — but, so did Alex & Sierra. The females in the audience were almost equally divided in their screams and cheers, though they probably did more of both for Carlito.

Paulina: “Definitely, I love you both. But he (Carlito) did it much, much better.”

Simon: “I’m really, really happy you doth stepped up. I think that Sierra stole the song.”

Kelly: “This is AMAZING!”

Demi: “What she said. Carlito, that was your best vocal performance. Sierra, that was your best vocal performance.”

Mario: “Coming up next, it’s Jeff Gutt taking on Restless Road.”

Jeff Gutt: “It’s me vs. Restless Road. Game on!”

The song that they will be singing head-to-head is a rock song. It’s “Every Breath you Take” by The Police. Jeff starts off the song, doing great, as usual — but, Restless Road did surprisingly good with this song, also. I think that Jeff’s vocals, on this song, soared more and were more powerful, though he is used to this sort of song.

Kelly: “You know, I thought that both performances were really good — but Jeff won.”

Simon: “The great thing about the boys was that you kept to your roots. America, you have to vote to get Restless Road to the Finals.”

Paulina: “I really think that Jeff was amazing.”

Demi: “Your style, your look was on point,” she said about Restless Road. But, Demi added about Jeff: “I thought that you, Jeff, had the better vocals and stole the performance.”

In the third round of The X Factor, Carlito will be singing “I Need to Know,” by Marc Anthony. It’s his last chance to make an impression with the voters of America. Carlito says “I will be fighting with my last breath.”

Carlito began singing the song in Spanish, then switched to English. He gave a kick-ass performance, and he had the women in the audience screaming and cheering for him, like usual — if he is the ultimate winner, he will have a wide fan base. The audience and Paulina gave him a standing ovation.

Kelly: “You’re not playing around. Where have you been hiding?”

Paulina: “I think it was very hot!”

Demi: “Your vocals sounded great!”

Simon: “It’s a little bit like a singing act and a magic act at the same time. I thought that the song was perfect for you. You had, without question, your best week in the season ever.”

Mario: “Next up, the three guys from Restless Road have their chance to move on and win it all.” Mario said we’ll find out how they do right after the next commercial break. They will be singing “Wanted.”

After the break, Mario spoke with Carlito’s mom first. Then, he spoke a little bit to Jeff’s dad, who was also there.

Simon said that this will be the last chance that America will have to hear Restless Road sing this season, because none of the acts will be singing tomorrow.

Restless Road began the song to the screams of their female fans in the audience, who seem to adore them. I thought they did a terrific job singing it — America, what did you think? The audience gave them a standing ovation.

Kelly: “Can I be honest? While you were performing the song, I was thinking ‘They’re singing this song to me.'”

Demi: “This was comfortable — this was confident. I think that you guys might have just saved yourselves.”

Paulina: “You guys just all blended together. and did well vocally by yourselves and as a group.”

Simon: “The three of you sounded great together. Please, America, get on the phones and vote for these guys to make it to the Finals.”

Mario: “Right after the break, it’s Alex & Sierra singing “Gravity.” This is a great song — Alex & Sierra just might guarantee themselves a spot in the Finals with it.

“Here’s the second of the Groups with their last chance of making it to the Finals,” Mario said of Alex & Sierra.

Alex began the song — his voice sounded great! Then, Sierra sang the next line, and she was very moving, and awesome, herself. They made the song their own, as they do with every song that they sing. Sierra has some soaring vocals — they both hit some uber high notes. Sierra rocked it out! Kelly was even crying!

Kelly: “What I loved most about the song was seeing you grow, Sierra, seeing you blossom!” she sounded so emotional!

Demi: You guys sang the song so flawless! I’m looking at stars! You guys never cease to amaze me” Demi was crying, also!

Paulina: “You guys have that X Factor, and I can see it from far, far, far away. You guys are amazing!”

Simon: “It was raw, it was subtle — it showed how much you wanted to be in the Finals I wanted to bottle the final ten seconds of that song, Sierra — it was absolute perfection!”

Coming up, Mario said, is Jeff Gutt, the final performer of the night, singing his third song, another one of more recent favorites — “Demons” by Imagine Dragons.

Jeff: “I’m going to do everything that I can do in my power to get to the Finals.”

He does just that, with his performance of “Demons.” It was AMAZING! I love the original, but Jeff’s was pretty darn good, IMHO, also. The entire audience was standing as Jeff sang — he gave it his all, and videos of explosions went on behind him. What a great way to conclude the night on The X Factor!

Demi: “Jeff, it’s your time now. You killed that last note.”

Paulina: “You looked comfortable, you sounded amazing!”

Simon: “”What an incredible song and performance! I want to say to all of the contestants that this was by far the best show of the season!”

Kelly: “I respect you as a man, and as a father!” Kelly was crying as she was speaking, clearly very emotional and happy about how well Jeff did tonight.

The X Factor Live Top Four Perform was a fantastic episode, IMHO! While I miss many of the singers who have been sent home throughout the season, the competitors who are left gave it their all tonight and, as Simon Cowell mentioned, tonight’s episode might very well have been the best one yet of the season. What do you think, America? Please leave your comments below, and tune in with me tomorrow to see which three move on, and which two, unfortunately, get sent home.

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