Gisele Bundchen Makes a Boob on Instagram?

Gisele Bundchen Makes a Boob on Instagram?

33 year-old Gisele Bundchen is more than a Brazilian supermodel who earns more money than any other model in the world, but, despite her big paycheck she made a bit of a boob on Instagram. Ms Bundchen is a huge supporter of the “natural way” of feeding your offspring. Breastfeeding is high on the list of Gisele’s must-do list for mother’s who want the best for their children.

Obviously, the supermodel did not intend to offend anyone with her “staged” photo. The Instagram snap consists of the leggy beauty lounging in a chair with a baby clamped on one boob, doing that cute baby thing of reaching for mom’s necklace while drinking her meal. Gisele is surrounded by a makeup artist; a hair stylist; and a manicurist. All of them busily getting the model ready for work. The caption on the picture says she doesn’t know what she’d do without her “beauty squad.”

The photo was clearly meant to be a bit of a giggle whilst showing her continuing support for breastfeeding mom’s of America. The highly paid supermodel is not touting anything new with her love of feeding children the most natural way possible. Bundchen first started her support for breastfeeding after daughter Vivian’s older brother was born in 2009.

Gisele breastfed Benjamin after his birth and she continued to do so up to his third birthday and after. She caused a lot of controversy when she admitted to still feeding her 3 year-old boy with breast milk and she posed for a picture that showed Benjamin standing on a chair with his mouth firmly affixed to mommy’s breast.

Apparently the model felt that Vivian should have a similar photo opportunity. Her Instagram snap has resulted in Gisele Bundchen making a bit of a boob on the picture sharing site. The old saying that “history repeats itself” is true in this model mother’s case. Her latest breastfeeding picture has caused almost as much controversy as her previous picture.

While the women of America seem to be fairly divided in their opinion of Gisele’s staged picture, at least one person has seen the humor behind the shot. 27 year-old Shameless actress Emmy Rossum thought the photo was amusing enough to do a “takeoff” of Bundchen’s Instagram snap.

Emmy posed in a chair with a hairstylist and makeup artist “working” on her while she has one shoulder and breast exposed with a “baby” in her lap “breastfeeding.” Rossum let not only Gisele in on the joke but she captioned her picture to let everyone know that she was kidding around.

The single actress, who plays Fiona Gallagher in the American television version of Shameless, posted the picture and added information that said she “felt” Gisele and then hashtagged the words kidding, Shameless, fake baby and soymilk. Not everyone got Bundchen’s message. It seems fairly plain that she is not really complaining about her job or trying to show off just what a great mother she is.

Working mother’s who were either offended or outraged by the photo stated that Gisele had no business posting a picture like that when her “work” was not as taxing as most mother’s. Aside from being judgemental and humorless, these “ladies,” who have obviously had their funny bone removed, just did not get it. Other women, mostly those who are part of the breast milk brigade, love the picture, but, they also seem to be taking the whole thing too seriously.

Gisele Bundchen may have committed, and shown, a boob in her breastfeeding Instagram snap and angered some working mother’s across the country who cannot, for whatever reason, feed their offspring the “natural way.” It really does seem as though Emmy, aka Fiona, from Shameless is a member of a minority who do not take themselves too seriously.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


Gisele Bundchen Shares Breastfeeding Photo

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  1. gracie   December 26, 2013 at 7:30 am

    I think you have Gisele mixed up with someone else regading breastfeding her son post three years of age. This recent picture feeding Vivian is the first she has posted breastfeeding. It was another woman, a former model, whose picture was published feeding her 3 year old. Had such a picture of Gisele been published, it would have been all over the national pop culture magazines. It never was. BTW, she had Vivian just a few days after Ben turned three. I seriously doubt she was breastfeeding him along with a newborn. Please get your facts straight.

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