Tila Tequila Depraved Indifference Toward Holocaust

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MTV and Myspace has-been Tila Ngyuen, better known as Tila Tequila, displayed her depraved indifference toward holocaust survivers of Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps in an explicative laden rant on her website. The social media embarassment and Hitler apologist minimized the suffering of the victims of one of the greatest crimes in human history.

Tequila, who chose to share her name with a brand of liquor sometimes confused with Mezcal (which is known for the dead worm, pickled and heavy, lying at the bottom of its bottles) posted a photo of herself in Nazi garb, arm band and officer’s hat, complete with swastikas and a hooker’s come hither dress. It’s Hitler-Nazi-fetish stuff to the prurient max. Adding pornography to infamy, the photo shows her standing astride railway tracks that converge at the vanishing point under the entrance to Auschwitz. Seventy years ago, this infamous concentration camp was the site where Nazis murdered millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone else they happened to perceive as a threat to the excretory regime of Adolph Hitler.

Millions of people entered that hell on earth, only to be released from themselves and that hell by the inhalation and ingestion of Xyklon-B.  Kapos, usually young Jewish inmates, were then forced to cremate the bodies of their brothers and sisters in ovens designed for volume, after which they were summarily executed in the same fashion.

Auschwitz renders one to silence. After one tries to recount what happened there, the infinite depth of cruelty and the mechanized and dispassionate murder of millions – murders committed not in cold blood, but in the frozen blood of monsters in uniforms who walked the earth and looked like humans, because they were human – what else remains to be said?

Words fail.

Ultimately words, pictures, even memories and anecdotes all fail. There are certain things humans cannot reconstruct with the tools of the present. The mystery of the infinite evil within Hitler, his subordinates, fellow party members and many of his fellow countrymen, lived out in the none too distant past, is one of these things. What remains then is the silence of graves, some brick and mortar, an epigraph in iron, taunting and fraudulent; and the winds overhead that will never wholly cleanse the air.

It is in this context, which calls for respectful silence, the over exposed media queen posed herself has a B-movie Nazi groupie. Tequila displayed what can only be described as a depraved indifference toward holocaust survivors with her pathetic statements defending one of mankind’s lowest and cruelest specimens – Adolph Hitler. One must ask what purpose this serves;  to provoke? To shock? To garner attention? Or perhaps just to ignite her tired attempts to obtain one of the most sought after prizes in this age of too much information – the status of celebrity.

Each day, one can satisfy the morbid curiosity attendant to watching every day people on TV who are otherwise unknown to anyone but their families and acquaintances. They appear on any number of shows broadcast on computer screens, TV screens, Android screens, iPads and iPhones. Their goal is to debase and humiliate themselves and reveal the darkest parts of the human condition. All of this is for nothing more than the opportunity to get a night in a big city, a ride in a limo and their faces on the flat screens.

The late artist and 60’s trend-setter, Andy Warhol, once said that in the future everyone would enjoy his or her fifteen minutes of fame. Warhol’s prediction has been repeated so often it’s become a clichéd truism. The public has come to the point where they believe that in order “to be,” one must “be seen on the screen.” It’s as if those who never get their faces so published in pixels and HD are the present day “zombies,” the walking not-really-living-almost-dead, doomed to exist in a kind of mid-tone or black and white world. They’re stuck in the drudgery of work-a-day, wait-for-the-weekend world where the only respite they enjoy are the few moments they can sit on a couch and watch the flat screen where the real people live their exciting lives in color.

It’s finally happened. What was once known as the “real world” has surrendered its reality to the virtual world, and the virtual world, by contrast alone, has cast the real world into the outer almost-dark where things like work, taxes, bills, mortgages, rent, diapers and tuitions keep the less-than-real people tied to their depressing earthly coil.

Perhaps it’s understandable then that so many will now commit unthinkable crimes in order to get noticed or to die famous. Tequila girl plumbs new depths of depraved indifference. However, as she struggles for recognition, she only succeeds in becoming something monstrously inhuman suffering from a sick narcissism, not unlike Hitler’s.  This speaks to the mystery of pathology or the unfathomable evil resident in the heart and soul.

To her chagrin there are others like her. There’s nothing unique or of special note about depraved indifference. Her expletive–laden rant in support of man’s darkest impulses evidence a person who’s negated any response to her ignorance other than to reprimand her and then to ignore her. This casts her into the grand cauldron of almost average, but not really notable, people who will do just about anything to draw attention and the spotlight to themselves.

When called out for her hurtful self-promotion with its depraved indifference and ignorant comments about Holocaust survivors while emulating Hitler and the Third Reich, Tila Tequila screams like a stuck devil attempting to clothe her actions in the high minded use of big words, which are weighted with meanings far beyond her capacity to understand. She talks about freedom of speech and tolerance and being open, however, she reminds all that when the devil defends himself he’ll always use the best and biggest words to shift responsibility, to blame the injured for the very injury the devil caused.

By Michael Hogan


Daily News

USA Today

4 Responses to "Tila Tequila Depraved Indifference Toward Holocaust"

  1. lala   December 24, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    Do you wanna see a dead picture of the babies that were killed Andrew? What more proof do you want its psychos like you that make more.murdering psychos. Because no one what’s to see the reality that a disturbed man started a genocide of not only Jews but what wasn’t a Aryan race!

  2. Andrew Anglin   December 13, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Please provide physical evidence of the holocaust or stop pretending it is a real thing.

  3. Kate   December 13, 2013 at 6:33 am

    She is mad

  4. brendan   December 13, 2013 at 6:26 am

    there is not one quote from her? i am guessing she is self absorbed MTVer,, but relax and gives us something to substantiate what you claim,, now i have to go look up what she said . B


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