Tori Spelling Cheating Victim or Karma Touched?

entertainment, tori spelling, cheating, dean mcdermott

entertainment, tori spelling, cheating, dean mcdermott

The movie the pair worked on
The movie the pair worked on

In 2005 the tale of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott was an intriguing one. Rumors skittered across entertainment outlets the two were getting a little too close, while working on the set of their movie Mind over Murder. Especially, since both were married to other people at the time. Now, eight years later – it is Tori who is facing the ugly fact of betrayal. US Weekly has interviewed a woman who stepped from the shadows, claiming she slept with Tori’s husband of seven years. Is Tori a cheating victim or karma touched?

It seems McDermott likes to find trouble in Canada. He and Tori met while filming Mind over Murder in Canada, of course. Four months after their meeting, their mutual divorces and flimsy claims of not really cheating – Dean proposed to Tori with a lavish horse-drawn event. It was over the top and in bad taste, considering the marriages they left behind.

Mary Jo knows the pain of betrayal from Dean
Mary Jo knows the pain of betrayal from Dean

Canadian TV personality Mary Jo Eustace, is the former wife of Dean. In 2007 Mary Jo emerged from the heartbroken shadows to pen a book called The Other Woman which featured many stories of betrayal from many heartbroken wives. She also shared excerpts of the book with People, especially the moment Dean told her he met Tori. Mary Jo had a hunch and asked if he met someone while the two were on vacation. When Dean confirmed it was Tori, Mary Jo was speechless. She knew he spoke fondly of his co-star but never imagined in three weeks, an affair would be broadcast. This leaves many scorned former wives wondering if Tori is truly a cheating victim or karma touched.

Certainly, no mother of four ever “deserves” the pain from their husband and his act of infidelity. Emily Goodhand is 28-years-old and was in Toronto hanging out with friends. She met Dean through mutual friends as they gathered at Pravda Vodka House. She doesn’t disclose to US Weekly if she was caught up in his celebrity status, just that they chatted. She stated Dean seemed more than willing to spill the issues in his marriage, prior to extending a key card invite to his hotel room. Perhaps, Emily was in the same place Tori was some eight years ago. Emily stated she felt she made the wrong decision but she did sleep with Dean.

What is disturbing and maybe more-so for this married writer, are the details that Emily shared. She stated Dean wanted to “cuddle” and on their second night, share a sex video between him and Tori, with his mistress. This alludes to a sad fact that obviously Dean was feeling some guilt, but just could not help himself. Instead of perhaps, calling his wife, chatting to his children and going to bed – he caved into temptation. Something Mary Jo may not be surprised with and seemingly what Tori is trying to overlook.

Charlie heard about the affair in the most painful way
Charlie heard about the affair in the most painful way

On Christmas Day, Tori took to her blog to share Christmas wishes with her many fans and the whole family, including Dean signed it. Perhaps, she is trying to rise above it, especially when considering the pain she and Dean caused Mary Jo and Tori’s ex-husband, Charlie Shanian. Charlie’s knowledge of the affair between Tori and Dean was not told face-to-face. Instead, Charlie found out when he was at the grocery store and read tabloids and saw pictures of his wife over her co-star.

The devastation Tori and Dean left in their paths have lead them full circle.

Only time will tell if this couple will learn to forgive and go on. It can be guaranteed that Charlie nor Mary Jo are shocked by the news, instead, they may be just nodding their heads at the twisted path of karma. Between the financial issues the couple have experienced, to Tori’s frightening placenta previa diagnosis when pregnant with Finn to this latest news. They have weathered quite a bit for a young family.

Hopefully, with age comes understanding to know the difference of right and wrong. This may be a good time for Tori to understand the pain her actions with Dean caused in the lives of Mary Jo and her children and equally so to her former husband. In this instance, Dean should probably seek some help to determine his need and issues with finding constructive instead of destructive outlets for stress. Cheating victim? It would be hard to call Tori that, but we certainly wish the couple all the best.


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10 thoughts on “Tori Spelling Cheating Victim or Karma Touched?

  1. I think nobody should feel sorry for her, what did she expect. I also think she needs to get over it or get out of the marriage

  2. Please, please have someone edit these articles before you post them. I found it an interesting and well-thought-out read, but all of the errors (from the random, wrongfully used commas to the misspelling of “led” [not lead]) really distracted me.

  3. Tori cheated on her ex-husband and didn’t even tell him face-to-face, and she thinks she doesn’t “deserve” this? Did her ex-husband “deserve” to find out she was cheating with Dean while they were married on the cover of a tabloid?

  4. Tori’s newest “docu-series”called “True Tori” has been outed by many news and magazine sites as nothing more than staged. And it’s obvious. For Tori to try and cash in on this takes her defects to a whole new level. She needs to grow up, deal with her problems in private and think of her kids and put the focus there; not trot the kids out in her latest reality show and start messing with their heads.

  5. she tori…is so so so so ugly,shet’s like deserves this,now she knows what

  6. They manner in which one enters a relationship sets the tone and ultimately predicts the manner in which it will end. You can not point at Tori and say, oh she was incredibly young. She was pretty mature by child star standards. Donna Martin was the Good Girl, with Girl Code. Apparently, those educational 91290 life lessons were lost upon Miss Spelling. It sounds rather trite and commonplace that both “D” rated actors on a cheesy Lifetime Movie of the Week set in Canada, met and within two weeks they were ” soul mates” complete with on set affair. Unsuspecting spouses at home, blissfully oblivious.. It is just too sleazy, isn’t it? Spelling married almost 3 years. McDermott married 12 years, one Son and one yet to be adopted Daughter. They, return inform their spouses that want divorces. Continue having their affair and then go off alone and marry each other in Fuji, as soon as both as their divorces are finalized. Honestly? Who does this? Who goes into a relationship as cheating home wreakers( as they both were) being public and professing this great fairytale and damn the other carnage left along the way.
    Ironically, the Fairytale officially ends in Canada, with a younger Woman around the Holidays. Full circle? My shock is that Spelling is shocked. Really? You both broke the hearts of people who loved both of you before. Why is it do shocking when the cheaters are cheated upon by each other? Grow up. Get therapy. Get Divorced. Raise your Children and learn that love is not lust. Try Friendship first and let it grow from there. Can this narriage be saved? No! It was doomed from the beginning and if you are untrustworthy from the beginning, there never was honest trust, just lust trust, meaning you have nothing.

  7. I feel the most for Mary Jo. She used to be the co-host of a cooking show, What’s for Dinner in Ontario with Ken Kostick. She did NOT deserve this and although I’m not familiar w/Charlie Shanian, once a cheater, a, always a cheater, unless under extenuating circumstances, the couple can work out their differences. Mary Jo & the book she wrote, Spelling lambasted Mary Jo so I guess she must have read it. Tori writes a series of books, one of which she talks about her’s and Dean’s financial problems which McD wasn’t happy about.

  8. Since as an athiest you brought up the Bible, there is a line from the Lord’s Prayer “forgive us our sins AS we forgive those who sin against us.” Helps with dealing with Karma sensibly (maybe). Such pain protected. Yours not theirs.

  9. JJ what a vindictive person you are. All that anger towards two people you hardly know. You should go see a specialist you need help.

  10. On behalf of Mary Jo Eustace, may I point at Tori Spelling and say “Hahahahahaha”. Besides, Tori, you look like a bug-eyed ugly man. You look like Marty Feldman in drag.

    And to Dean McDermott, the lech that Food Network Canada had the stupidity to hire for a show that should be boycotted: Hope both ex-wives rape you for all your worth. Although I’m an atheist I paraphrase the bible: may your son pay for your sins.

    Dean and Tori are the most annoying and repugnant human beings and I’m proud to say I’ve never watch any of their shows and never will and have no respect for anyone who watches the trashy shows these two idiots make.

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