Arizona Report – 2 Skydivers Dead, One Injured in Midair Collision

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Reports are coming in from Eloy, Arizona regarding a tragic midair collision that has left two skydivers dead and one injured. The jump was monitored by the popular and well known company, Skydive Arizona. Skydive Arizona is a premier destination for skydivers around the world and work with novice to experienced skydivers.

The victims names are not disclosed, until the family is contacted for verification purposes. Eloy’s police Sargent Brian Jerome has advised media outlets the skydivers had their parachutes open when they collided in midair. Sadly, the collision happened 200 to 300 feet above ground. Upon collision, the two skydivers were witnessed to spiral to the ground after their chutes collapsed.

One of the skydivers, per Sgt. Jerome was pronounced dead at the time of impact. The second skydiver was transported to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center – sadly reports have surfaced stating that individual has also passed. A third skydiver was witnessed to be injured, the exact details of their involvement have not been released.

The training facility, Skydive Arizona, is about 6o miles south from Phoenix and has not reported if this was a tandem jump. The area just won critical acclaim after a group of 63 women linked hands in a successful skydiving formation, breaking a record 18,000 feet above the ground.

Two skydivers are dead, one injured during a midair collision today in Eloy, Arizona. More information will be forthcoming as details emerge.

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