Universe Is Going to Collapse Sooner Than Expected

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The universe is going to collapse sooner than expected. As time goes on, it will either expand to the point of heat death or will completely collapse on itself. However, the time-frame for the collapse is not as long as many may think.

In their study of the universe, scientists located at the University of Southern Denmark explained an occurrence known as “phase transition”. The idea is basically a scientific name for the imploding of universe. Phase transition might happen when the Higgs particle changes value and consequently makes each particle in the universe heavy by millions of billions of times.

As a result of the increased weight from those elements, they will push everything to a single point, which is called singularity. After that everything will then disappear. Theoretically phase transition is the complete opposite of the Bing Bang theory which explained how the universe was created.

This theory seems to be very frightening and what is making it even more so is that it is believed it will happen sooner rather than later. In fact the process could have already started at the outer borders of the universe.

The phase transition is going to begin somewhere in the universe and will spread outward from that point. It is very possible the collapse has already taken place somewhere right now and it is chewing its way into the rest of the universe. Maybe a collapse is in the preliminary stages right now somewhere nearby. Or it could start very far away in a hundred million years. It just is not known, stated Jens Frederik Krog.

The phase transition could happen next week or in a billion years, but the calculations performed by physicists at the University of Southern Denmark specify that the threat of the universe collapsing in on itself is much greater than was previously believed.

The doomsday situation that has been developed by the Danish scientists has been called “The Big Slurp”. This would happen when there is a drastic shift in the natural order of the universe. Such a fierce process is known as the phase transition and resembles what would happen when water changes to steam.

Fundamental to a Big Slurp development is the Higgs Boson, which is the particle that is thought to play a part in giving mass to elementary elements.

Protagonists of the Big Slurp theory state that a phase transition in the universe might occur if a significant fluctuation bubble from an alternate universe happened to show up in this one. The Big Slurp could be caused by the Higgs-field that is related to the Higgs-particle. If this new value ends up in lower energy and if the Higgs bubble is big enough, it will swell at the speed of light in every direction. Once that occurs, every particle will be pulled together in a violent collision.

Most calculations and theories are predicting a phase transition, but there have been numerous qualms in the preceding calculations. Now that more precise calculations have been performed, scientists are able to theorize better about two things. The universe will most likely collapse and that collapse is closer to happening than previously considered.

Krog and his associates looked at three of the top equations which triggered the expectation of a phase change. Such things are known as beta functions and Krog’s team were mainly concerned with the roles they found between the strength of exchanges between both Higgs bosons and also quarks.

Krog’s group displayed how the three equations are able to be worked simultaneously and how the equations interrelate with one another. When all three equations are put together, the likelihood of a collapse as a result of a phase change is much more likely than when applying just one of the equations, Krog explained.

Although, the newer calculations are saying a collapse is now more probable than ever, it still is possible that it might not ever happen. There is a requirement for the phase change that the universe contains the elementary particles that scientists know of today, which includes the Higgs particle. If the universe were to also contain undiscovered elements, the entire basis of this phase change prediction disappears. That means the collapse theory is cancelled out of existence.

If there are no undiscovered elements, then the universe is back on track to collapsing sooner than expected.


By Kimberly Ruble


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