Widow of Patrick Swayze Getting Married

Patrick SwayzeThe widow of the late Patrick Swayze is getting married again. It has been four years since the death of the Dirty Dancing actor.

Lisa Niemi met Swayze when she was just 15-years-old. They were together for 34 years before he gave up his battle against cancer. One of his biggest fears was that his wife would never find happiness again, let alone find love again. Friends of the stars state that he would be happy for her. Niemi also feared that she would end up alone, stating in an interview that she hoped she would not be one of those women who ended up alone after the death of her husband.

The 57-year-old widow is now engaged to Albert DePriscio, a jeweler who is a year older than her. They met about 18 months ago at a party and started dating soon after. However, it was just last October that she announced that they were dating, spending some months together without prying eyes.

It is not a surprise to many that they are now engaged. Just last month, friends speculated that they were getting ready to settle down. Niemi bought a $400,000 condo close to DePriscio. Before then, they would spend their nights together at his penthouse and would be together almost all of the time.

It has not been an easy four years for the widow of Swayze, and getting married felt like she was betraying him at first. She even felt guilty just for having fun, something that her late husband likely feared she would feel. She did not move on until she felt like Swayze was giving her his blessing. She explained that she felt a warm feeling, and that was her sign that it was time to move on.

Swayze did say that he wanted his wife to live after he was gone. He wanted her to go out, have fun, and love someone else. He never feared that she would forget him for an instance.

Despite moving on and buying a Florida condo, she still owns the home in California that she had with her Ghost husband. There have been no announcements about what she plans to do with that home, and whether she will ever let it go. There will be many memories for the 57-year-old.

DePriscio asked his girlfriend to marry him on Christmas Eve. She instantly said yes, and soon after announced their engagement to the public. They did not decide to wait as long as announcing their relationship.

Niemi has released a book about her life with Swayze, and his battle with cancer. The Dirty Dancing star battled pancreatic cancer for about two years, and gave up the fight in September 2009. She never regrets being married to him and sticking by him. Her book Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward explains all, including finding love again.

It has taken four years, but Niemi is finally happy to move on and live her life. She is now getting married again, but most will always remember her as the widow of Swayze.

By Alexandria Ingham

Fox News

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