Beyonce and Jay Z Blow $100,000 Partying in One Night


Beyonce and her husband  Jay Z  reportedly blew $100,000 partying Friday night. They were at the Club Reign in Atlanta. Apparently they spent a grand on drinks for people partying with them in the VIP section.

Jay Z, the hip-hop star, did a show with a sold-out crowd Friday night. After the concert, Jay z and Beyonce partied like there was no tomorrow. At one point when some ladies screamed out about their love for Jay Z, he apologized for being unavailable Friday night, saying “sorry ladies, my girl is here tonight.” This prompts one to wonder what would have happened if his lady hadn’t been there?

Their drinks of choice were Dusse and Ace of Spades. Their friends of choice were Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow. The consensus is that these are two mega-successful people, a power couple, who really know how to live. People are happy for them, and why wouldn’t they be? They are young, in love, new parents of a lovely baby girl, and wildly successful. As entertainers they are about as sexy as a power couple could hope to be.

So, Beyonce and Jay Z blew $100,000 partying Friday night. What is wrong with this picture? Perhaps it could be said that there are any number of people and causes that could have benefited from  having $100,000 to spend. Most people do not make that much in one year.

The average household in America earns approximately $50,000 per year. Beyonce and Jay Z spent twice that amount in one night of alcoholic abandon. Of course, the millions of Americans who would have to work for two years to earn $100,000, would also have one-third of it taken away in taxes. So, it might actually take three years for an average American household  to earn $100,000 in cash. Of course, in that three years’ time, the average American household would no doubt spend every penny of it on rent, food, transportation, clothes, endless bills, and have little left to entertain their friends in the VIP section of any club in Atlanta.

In other words, no matter how it is calculated, the kind of money that Beyonce and Jay Z spent in Atlanta last Friday night on alcohol would  never be approachable by the average American household.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, 15 percent of Americans are living in poverty. So, the Beyonce and Jay Z extravaganza will not qualify the power couple for humanitarian of the year awards, but who cares? Apparently, reactions are mixed, with the prevailing sentiment overwhelmingly in favor of Beyonce.

Jay Z is 41, but Beyonce is completely young and vibrant, and it seems she can do no wrong in the eyes of Americans and adoring fans. People who would  negate the deleterious effects of alcohol and binge spending choosing instead to focus on the joys of life, are in the majority. The 15% of Americans living below the poverty line were there before Friday night, and they are still there today. So, why shouldn’t Beyonce and Jay Z have a good time? They have earned the right to celebrate life by working hard, and nothing should spoil their party this holiday season.

On the other hand, nine Grammy nominations notwithstanding, one wonders what Jay Z would do if he set out to represent something besides the decadence of unbridled binging. Finally, what if Beyonce had given out $100,000 in gift cards at Walmart the other day? That would have been something to talk about, too. All in all, Americans love freedom and success, so few people will be raining on their parade, just because Beyonce and Jay Z blew $100,000 on alcohol in one night.
 By: Alex Durig, Ph.D.


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