Will Ferrell Proud of Irish Roots


Will Ferrell Proud of Irish Roots

Will Ferrell recently talked about his pride and joy at having Irish roots. The American movie star who has his roots in County Longford also said he be delighted to be able to one day make a movie in Ireland.

The Talladega Nights star only recently discovered his original family name had been Farrell and his family only changed it to Ferrell when they got to America. The ‘Semi-pro’ star revealed he is so Irish he will go as far as doing illegal acts to prove it. “I’m committed to my Irish roots.”He said “I’m so committed in fact that I will continue to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Will it be dangerous? Yes. Is it illegal? Highly. But that’s just how committed I am” He said. Being Will Ferrell however, the statement might not exactly be a hundred per cent true.

Will Farrell rose to prominence in the 90s with his amazing performances on the show Saturday Night Live. He is usually considered a member of the “Frat Pack”, a generation of leading Hollywood funny men who came to limelight in the 90s and 2000s. Others include Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Steve Carell and brothers Owen and Luke Wilson.

Ferrell who recently went on a holiday with his family was so impressed with his experience that he pledged to have a movie shot in Ireland. “Since my visit there I’ve been giving serious thought to making a movie in Ireland in the future. I would just love to.” He said.

The actor is well love by movie watchers around the world for his sense of humour. Will Ferrell is seen as one of the best comic actors in Hollywood at the moment. He recently pulled off one of his classic moves when he appeared on the news in Bismarck in North Dakota. Ferrell joined the news team at KVMB for their Saturday night broadcast as Ron Burgundy. KVMB’s Amber Schatz said she only learned that Ferrell would be co-anchoring with her on Wednesday, and that it was not exactly easy to keep a straight face for the duration of the news. “The second he said, ‘Good evening, I’m Ron Burgundy,’ I lost it,” she said. “It was really hard not to laugh.”

In his private life, Will Ferrell is also one of the celebrities with an enduring marriage. He married Swedish actress Viveca Paulin, whom he met in 1995. It can be said that a good family life is a basis for his success. He live is Orange County with his wife and three sons.

Ferrell and other Hollywood names from Anchorman 2 will be at a screening of the film at Dublin’s Savoy Cinema in Dublin City Centre on the 9th of December. What’s not known however is whether the star comic actor will be making his visits a whole lot more often or maybe even settle down in the country. If he stays or he chooses not to stay Will Ferrell will always be a legend to of the big screens and it is absolutely commendable that after a long time in California, a big star has not forgotten his roots.

By Olajide Jatto


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