Australian Man Pulled From Washing Machine After Game Goes Wrong

Australian Man Pulled From Washing Machine After Game Goes Wrong

An Australian man had to be pulled out of a washing machine while completely naked when a game of hide and seek he was playing went extremely wrong. The man supposedly went to the machine so he could hide from all the other players, wanting to play a prank during the game. He had climbed inside the top loading type washing machine because he felt it was the perfect hiding place to pull his joke. Yet when he tried to get out, he found out he was stuck.

When emergency services were called, Australian police, along with emergency rescuers such as paramedics, firefighters, members of the Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad, and also individuals from the volunteer Australian Emergency Service all only seemed to too happy to respond to the scene. However it ended up taking all of them over 20 minutes to help him get out of the appliance. They had to use olive oil as a lubricant in order to help free the man from the machine. It helped lubricate his skin and get him out. Apparently the man was very tightly wedged in the washing machine and all the emergency personnel were extremely concerned for the man’s mental and physical health and also his wellbeing, stated an unnamed police sergeant.

That same sergeant, who was on the scene, explained that the man was involved in something that had just gone wrong, and that it was very fair to say the gentleman was extremely embarrassed. There have been very few details released about the individual who was involved in the incident, except that it was believed he was 20 years of age.

The incident happened in the town of Mooroopna, which is to the north of Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria on Jan. 4.

Another police officer, who remained unnamed, gave a few words of advice toward anyone who thought he or she may be considering such a similar feat, saying that it is always in the best interest of individuals to stay away from using any type of household appliances when playing a game such as hide and seek. It is best for people never to climb into any appliances. Obviously doing so could cause any number of issues, as was seen with this particular case.

This incident came just a few days after another game of hide and seek also ended in major embarrassment for a child in the United States. The young girl, age 11, also ended up getting stuck inside a washing machine while she was attempting to hide.

The other children involved in the game attempted to rescue her by using peanut butter, ice and butter. The items all failed to do the trick. So when the child’s mother got home, she had to dial 911. It took firefighters arriving on scene to be able to get her free.

The mother stated that she felt bad for her daughter but also at the same time she thought it was funny. She added that her daughter also is now laughing about what happened.

Hopefully the Australian man will be able to do the same eventually about his time in the washing maching.

By Kimberly Ruble


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