Men Who Dressup as Rubber Dolls Star on Secrets of the Living Dolls (Video)

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Whenever you think you may had seen it all, something comes around to remind you – you have not; the Secrets of the Living Dolls is the newest reality show to create waves surrounding men who dress as rubber dolls. Delving into the secret life is the producers and cameras from the crew of Channel 4. The documentary is a bold and controversial one that will certainly have co-workers gathering around the water cooler tomorrow. It focuses on men who dress as dolls, rather than be labeled as transgenders, these men call themselves “rubber dolls” or “maskers.”

Barbie Ramos is the founder of the shop called Femskin, her company specializes in the development of the custom-made silicone suits worn by the men. Her son takes a fierce protective stance for their customers. When it comes to what people think about rubber dolls, son Adam does not think “it would be fair to call them gay or even attracted to other men.” Instead, states Adam, their customers simply want to have fun. Ramos’ site has a large array of items including breast forms, fempads for the hips and they even sell silicone shaped vaginas for men to place over their own genitals.

From bartenders to a 70-year old retiree, the show will focus on the men stepping from the shadows to share with friends and family their alter ego. Many of the men connect with other rubber dolls through private communities, their families knowing very little of their other lives.  The Secrets of the Living Dolls opens an avenue of expression not seen by millions and embraced by many men who finally feel free to express their desires. Becoming a rubber doll, to many of these men is a way of expression and they denounce the aspect of labeling their sexuality.

Rubber dolls Robert and Joel will make an appearance on the documentary to discuss their everyday life. Robert is the 70-year-old retiree and finds something exalting in his ability to merge into his rubber doll character named Sherry. Joel on the other hand enthralls in the ability to share his secret with his live-in girlfriend. The show is a stunning departure from many shows seen on television and will have millions tuning in.

The men wear a silicone body suit that hugs to their skin;  searches reveal the silicone is breathable and many of the men love the way it feels. Viewers will escape into the documentary, much how these men escape into their alter egos. Viewers will see many of these men finally explain their double life to friends and family, other times, entranced viewers will see how rubber dolls live their everyday life with their families.

Seemingly, the capture of attention is something many of the rubber dolls delight in. They delight in feeling like one of “the beautiful people,” one father admitted. This is an escape to stand out from the aspect of average and normal. The Secrets of the Living Dolls premiers January 6 at 10 p.m. The show can also be watched from mobile devices or online with Channel 4.

The series marks a breakthrough in television and into a world existing but unseen. From forklift operators to a father of six kids, the array of men from varying backgrounds provides a stunning view into a world unknown by millions. Tune into Channel 4 for this electric documentary of men who dress up as rubber dolls on the documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls.

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  1. lisa reed   January 7, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    we are not hurting anyone.

  2. Clare   January 7, 2014 at 4:19 am

    I rather disagree that “The series marks a breakthrough in television”. More of the same, without any desire to ‘unmask’ the reasons people dress up as rubber dolls, simply a modern-day freak show. Disappointing and NOT a breakthrough.

  3. Rebecca Savastio   January 6, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Well, this is a new one! Great job on the article; very enlightening!

  4. Frank Bouc   January 6, 2014 at 1:54 pm


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