Bieber, Schwarzenegger, Buffet All Star in Prank January


Bieber, Schwarzenegger, Buffet

The mere mention of Justin Bieber and Warren Buffet in the same sentence can send any reader’s mind into an uncontrollable tizzy. However, the events that unfolded in January has bought together an all encompassing blockbuster of a prank month staring Bieber, Schwarzenegger, Buffet and, for that matter, even the weather gods may have had a role in it for them.

The story unfolded in January with both Bieber and the weather gods thrust into limelight and jostling to find their worth on the nation’s eyeball. Bieber, however, stood out as the clear winner. An egg throwing event and several complaints from Bieber’s neighbor were enough to send police teams scurrying for the Baby singer’s residence.

Bieber, Schwarzenegger, Buffet What followed was two weeks worth of breaking news, churned one after another surrounding the discovery of drugs on Lil Za, the friend of Biebers’ who was present inside his residence at the time of the raid. It was as if Lil Za opened a flood gate of headlines with pranks rumors against Bieber. The wide variety of them can only be read to be unbelieved.

  • Bieber’s House had a truckload of drugs stored in it
  • Bieber has an exclusive smoke room for puffing away his stock of pot
  • Bieber’s home reeked of marijuana when the police raid took place
  • Bieber was caught with two jars of weed and several bottles of codeine
  • Bieber send his ex-girl friend, Selena Gomez, some nasty texts and visuals including one that had his penis. The same was allegedly put up for sale on a website, another hoax news
  • Bieber was scheduled to join Rehab and finally another fake news on him getting deported

However in the end, even a not-guilty clarification from the investigating sheriff was not enough for the nation’s newest wild-child. He got himself arrested on a drunk-driving incident after spending $75k on a strip club. Now every non-Belieber would definitely have become a Belieber.

Bieber, Schwarzenegger, BuffetArnold Schwarzenegger, another wild child of the past joined in the fun as well. The veteran of orgies and drugs took a walk down the memory lane as he visited Gold’s Gym where he built up those famous muscles. The purpose was charity and he raised money with a prank video on the unsuspecting patrons working out at the gym.

Disguised as a gym instructor Howard Kleiner, he was at his humorous best. Schwarzenegger interacted with the patrons during their workout sessions and had some great advice for each one of them. The cherry on the cake in the video was Howard Kleiner admiring a picture frame of Arnold Schwarzenegger hung on the gym’s wall as a reminder of the good ‘ol days.

Joining Bieber and Schwarzenegger in the all start prank January was an unusual name, Warren Buffet. The veteran billionaire must have suddenly decided to join the party when he made a crazy $1 billion offer to his fellow oracles out there. Bieber, Schwarzenegger, BuffetThe money could be won by anyone with the ability to accurately predict the outcome of every match in the March Madness basketball tournament by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

With odds of getting an accurate prediction put at nine quintillion to one, the offer can only be called a witty prank by the Oracle of Omaha and worth every penny of publicity the offer received for all the companies involved.

The weather gods too didn’t want to miss the extended New Year’s party and decided to join in with their own set of pranks. Chilling weather similar to mars was recreated on planet earth and unrelenting cold and chilling blizzards were all part of its grand plan for.

Bieber, Schwarzenegger, BuffetHiding behind the bone freezing weather was a witty individual who decided to post an example of the havoc being played by the weather gods. The picture of the polar vortex went viral immediately and brought the frozen lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, into instant limelight. It turned out to be a big prank since the image was taken more than 12 months back.

January has given the year 2014 a rocking start with Bieber, Schwarzenegger and even Buffet joining in the blockbuster party for an extended all star prank month. Seems like April fools came knocking quite early this year and one can only anticipate the fun that the rest of the months have in store for everyone.

By Daris Abraham


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