Selena Gomez Giving up on Justin Bieber?

Selena GomezSelena Gomez may be giving up on ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber after his latest stunt. While she still loves and cares for him, she has decided enough is enough.

After his latest escapade, Gomez decided that Bieber had two choices: either lose her forever or go to rehab. It seems the Canadian singer chose the former after running away to Panama. However, that doesn’t mean she is going to completely turn her back on him. A source told Hollywood Life that she will watch him from a distance instead of trying to force him to do something. The former Disney star is worried about her ex-boyfriend, as he starts to become more delusional believing he is above the law.

Instead of doing as Gomez asks, the Baby singer decided to finish his vacation in Panama, and took his drag racing passenger, Chantel Jeffries, with him. Photos of the two, along with some of Bieber’s other friends, were seen on Twitter since January 25 – the day he left Miami.

While Bieber has been acting out, over the last couple of years, the final straw came on January 23. The 19-year-old singer was arrested in Miami for DUI and drag racing. This is his first arrest, despite there having been various calls to the police over the last few years. Surveillance footage shows the singer racing down a residential street in a yellow Lamborghini in the early hours of Thursday morning. Another charge involved driving without a valid license.

Bieber has refused to go to rehab in the past, but, this time, Gomez is giving up on him. According to Hollywood Life, Bieber told his ex-girlfriend that Jeffries was a friend. Gomez countered this statement by laughing and telling him that he could “… have all the enablers he wanted.” She wants him to get help and get his life back on track.

There have been questionable reports over Bieber’s actions before his arrest. Some reports claim that he was not drunk or speeding at all. This led to the release of the footage to CBS Miami. Police stated that the singer and his friends were driving between 55 and 60 MPH in a 30 MPH area. They also state that Bieber admitted to being on a concoction of alcohol, anti-depressants and pot at the time of driving. He was released from jail on a bail of $2,500.

Despite Gomez stating that her ex-boyfriend will lose her, many fans are still standing by him. Fans have taken to commenting on various online articles, saying they will continue to support him. They also screamed “Yeah,” in unison, when asked on Friday whether they would stand by him after his recent mistakes.

One fan defended the 19-year-old, saying he was trying to “live his life,” and was annoyed that so many people were judging him. Some of the paparazzi also took to defending the young singer, with Juan Carlos Garces stating that he is simply going through something all young people go through in life, but is paying the price.

Will Gomez really give up on Bieber if he refuses rehab? Some fans don’t care, and say that he will always have his “beliebers.”

By Alexandria Ingham


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