Justin Bieber Gets a Shock Ultimatum From Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber never fails to make headlines every day and when it comes to news about his love-hate relationship with Selena Gomez, one can surely expect fireworks. The latest news surrounding the Baby singer suggests an ultimatum given to him by his now-on-now-off ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Gomez has reportedly reprimanded Bieber for his latest tryst with drugs and arrests. She also seems to have taken keen exception at the way Bieber has been recently involved in many activities unbecoming of his earlier persona. The drunken driving arrest, the egg throwing allegations, the drugs and codeine bottle news have all left Gomez concerned for Bieber like any close pal should be.

The constant love and support that Bieber has received from his ex has been widely reported and Bieber, too, was trying to find ways to get back with her. But the many activities that have been putting Bieber constantly in news have not helped in his cause to further his relationship with Gomez.

However, the recent chat the estranged couple have had over Bieber’s repeated run-ins with the law may have resulted in a negative outcome. Sources close to Gomez are indicating that the ex-lovers may never get back together if Bieber’s current behavior continues.

According to reports from Hollywoodlife.com, Gomez has laid out one available option to Bieber to find his way back in her life. She reportedly made it very clear that the future of the relationship was now entirely in the hands of Bieber. Her condition was for him to attend rehab and get rid of his drug problems immediately.

Gomez added that any failure by Justin Bieber to comply with her demand would signify a lack of commitment from the singer’s part. This shock ultimatum from Selena Gomez’s was a warning to Bieber to mend his ways or risk losing her forever.

Although the source mentions that Gomez continues to give Bieber full support, she continues to maintain distance from him. She will not be forcing Bieber into making any amends to his current wayward ways as well. Gomez realizes the danger that Bieber poses for himself and doesn’t want him to go down the lane of drugs or play around with the state’s law and order with his delusional thinking.

The result of this pep talk with Bieber either doesn’t seem to have had the desired results on him or he has already made his choice clear to Gomez. His recent flight to Panama might have cemented his position regarding the demand put up by Gomez and the future of their relationship as well. Having model Chantel Jeffries by his side for the tropical escape has not made the situation any better.

Jeffries was also incidentally riding with him during his arrest, and both of them together in a romantic destination cannot be an example of Bieber’s effort to win back Gomez.

It should be noted that Justin Bieber’s recent reports of addiction  to codeine and xanax has been putting pressure on people close to him, including his manager, to guide him into rehab. Selena Gomez’s shock ultimatum to Bieber would also have stemmed from this very factor. Whether Bieber complies at the end and gets himself the help in a rehab that many feel he require, rests at the sole discretion of the singer himself.

By Daris Abraham


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  1. Lauren   May 10, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    My ultimatum is that he leaves her or I’m not going back to Twitter nore will I stay

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