Blackphone Team Focuses on Privacy

BlackphoneThe newest smart phone coming to the market is called a Blackphone and it’s team focuses on privacy. The Blackphone is the creation of two Switzerland based groups known as Silent Circle and Geeksphone. The phone will be able to do everything that a current smart phone can do – and it will do it all without the intrusiveness of unwanted entities spying on your every move, email and phone call.

Phil Zimmerman is the co-founder and President of Silent Circle. He is also the creator of Pretty Good Privacy which is an email encryption program. This program earned him a spot in the Internet Hall of Fame. Phil Zimmerman is a firm believer in each and every individual’s right to privacy. He is no stranger to the world of government intrusion. His software was shared globally, prompting the government to say that it went against cryptographic software regulations. After a three-year fight, the government dropped its case. He was cleared of going against export regulations.

Zimmerman then established PGP, Inc. In 2011, he went on to start Silent Circle – Private Communications with Mike Janke and Jon Callas. Together they worked to create a secure and impenetrable network. The Blackphone is a triumphant goal to his and the teams’ vision of focus on privacy.

Javier Aguera, an engineering student from Madrid, is the co-founder and CEO of Geeksphone. He is behind the idea of Firefox OS running in a smart phone. Javier is twenty years old and co-founded Geeksphone at the age of 16.

Rodrigo-Silva Ramos is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of Geeksphone. He is prominently known for his work in television and movie production. His expertise in the latest technology available is undeniable. His enthusiasm and motivation has helped to bring the Blackphone and its privacy focus to fruition.

Two other prominent names in the privacy focus for Blackphone are Jon Callas and Mike Janke. Jon Callas is co-founder and CTO of Silent Circle. He is also a security expert. Mike Janke is a CEO and also a co-founder of Silent Circle. Mike Janke is an ex-Navy Seal and privacy advocate.

On the outside, the Blackphone appears to be sleek and well designed. Its look is comparable to any smart phone on the market. The screen specs, camera, casing, etc have not been released yet.

Looking at the inside, the Blackphone will focus on privacy. One way this is being done is by being sold as an unlocked phone. It has the capability to work with any GSM carrier. PrivatOS is the Blackphones Android based operating system. The security level is uncompromised.

All the Android apps available on current Android phones will be available on the Blackphone. Everything that is possible to do on a current Android smart phone will be available on the Blackphone. The difference will be that the Blackphone will do these things and focus on protecting each and every individual’s privacy.

The Mobile World Congress conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain. The date is February 24, 2014. Pre-orders for the Blackphone will begin to be available at the conference. The website does have a sign-up page to stay up to date on the latest news concerning the Blackphone team and the focus on each and every person’s right to privacy. There is also a Twitter page at #blackphone.  If privacy is an issue when using a smart phone, the Blackphone will soon be a secure available option.


by Saki Kahala

Internet Hall of Fame
Mobile World Congress

2 Responses to "Blackphone Team Focuses on Privacy"

  1. Jerale   January 19, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    BlackBerry (BBOS and BB10) are already impenetrable due to its ECC and AES encryption methods. They own a company called Certicom which is known for their ECC encryption patents. Most of the things Blackphone claims to have that makes it secure BlackBerry already has. Plus GSM is already known to be intercepted by the NSA.

  2. Down to Earth   January 18, 2014 at 3:08 am

    Not so sure I’d trust it just yet considering the recent NSA/RSA controversy. A backdoor may already be in place before it even goes to manufacture.

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