Body in the Trunk Is Missing Gianni Belvedere

body in the trunk
The decomposing body in the trunk of a green Toyota Camry found in Riverside County, California on Friday is confirmed to be that of missing Gianni Belvedere. The 24-year-old man had been with his younger brother, Salvatore, and fiancé Ilona Flint (seen above) shortly before they were both shot and killed outside a San Diego shopping mall on December 23.

According to the Riverside police officials, an autopsy has determined that the victim was the missing man. They have said that identification of the body was done today using fingerprints. They have not yet released a cause of death.

This means that the horrific murder mystery that unfolded in San Diego on Christmas Eve last year is now officially a triple killing. Two victims were gunned down at a shopping mall in San Diego. The other – missing man Gianni Belvedere, now dubbed the body in the trunk – was found dead and decomposing 100 miles away at a shopping mall in Riverside County .

By Penny Swift

U-T San Diego
Guardian Liberty Voice

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