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Marvel has just revealed its new project and although it only lasts 15 minutes, it promises to introduce fans deeper into the world of comics which continues to expand as it reaches new phases. The company has already started its second chapter by revealing more mature superheroes and familiarizing its public with new characters like Ant Man and Ultron. However, Marvel has also found a way to give more depth to the non-superhero part of its movies.

Marvel One-Shots, the series of direct-to-video short films was meant to be nothing more than a bonus for the home video releases of the superhero movies, but thanks to the public’s interest, this project is rapidly becoming a franchise of short movies with its own buzz. The public applauded Marvel’s decision to feature secondary characters from its universe and although this idea was revealed in 2011, the fact that it is starting to have autonomy transforms it into a new project.

Last week, the release of preview teaser for Marvel One-Shots’ All Hail the King gathered more than 6o.000 views on YouTube, a sign that Marvel enthusiasts’ interest in the short movies is growing. In this one-shot, Iron Man 3‘s villain Mandarin is brought back to life by Ben Kingsley and continues the story from the moment it stopped, namely Trevor Slattery’s sentence to jail time. Drew Pearce, the writer of Iron Man 3 wished to show that this villain is atypical because he receives what he wanted: fame. Therefore, the movie writer considered it was imperative to display “what the repercussions of that [fame] would be.”

Phase Two Unlocked

Marvel One-Shots is not the only new project revealed; the company’s Cinematic Universe has already entered its phase two, emphasized by the release of Iron Man 3. Thanks to the fact that this franchise is the third highest-grossing of all time, Marvel decided to break its superhero movies into phases. The first one involved all the movies under Marvel Studios’ umbrella including The Avengers, while phase two includes the next films of the franchises that will culminate with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel Studios’ President of Production Kevin Feige alerts fans that phase three has already been mapped out and phase four has been sketched. He also assures Marvel enthusiasts that superhero movies will continue and that the company knows what movie will be released in 2021. Feige is confident that the plan will come true since “what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

Marvel revealed its new project last week when it released the preview teaser of Iron Man 3‘s One-Shot with the Mandarin, but there are plenty of movies in pre-production. The main difference between the superhero movies and the short franchise is that Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ former president does not have a cameo in the One-Shots. Nevertheless, with every short movie the company spends more time and money which can be seen not only in the quality of the extra, but also in the amount of buzz it creates. Apart from All Hail the King, Marvel released two bonuses with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, one with a couple who finds an alien rifle left behind in The Avengers and one with agent Penny Carter which portrays her life after the events of Captain America.

By Gabriela Motroc


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