Chris Christie and Another Gate

chris christie bridgegate

Another week, another Gate, this week courtesy of Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor has given us “Bridgegate;” next week who knows? We have to ask the question isn’t it time to retire the “gate” suffix every time there is a scandal? Can we come up with another or better yet, no suffix at all?

For those of us old enough to remember the first “gate,” the infamous Watergate scandal way back in the good old days, 1972, we know that Watergate was an actual place, an office building where the Democratic National Committee had its offices. It seems that then President Richard Nixon decided to burglarize the office, maybe plant a bug or two in order to gain some kind of advantage against his political opponents in his bid for reelection. Unfortunately for Nixon he didn’t have a very good crew of burglars, and they were caught. Watergate eventually led to Nixon’s resignation in August 1974.

Since that time there have been more “gates” than one can count. Every time there is a scandal, political or otherwise, the media has to add gate to it. We have suffered through Koreagate, Monicagate, Whitewatergate, three troopergates and even a sandwichgate. We’ve had spygate, dopegate, shouldergate, Tigergate and tolietgate. Nannygate, Billygate, Betsygate and Rathergate are just a few. This list doesn’t even count the hundreds of local “gates” at the state level and city and town level. Our personal favorite was sewergate.

Do we really need to continue this process? Okay, there may or may not be another gate in New Jersey involving Governor Chris Christie, certainly there is one involving his staff, and the closing of several lanes of the George Washington Bridge, but can’t we just call it something else, something more original?

What is overlooked in all this is how Christie is getting hammered for this act of political vengeance against one mayor who didn’t support him yet we hear very little criticism of President Barack Obama who has involved himself in more political vengeance and on a greater scale than Chris Christie (if he even knew about it) ever dreamed of. This president used the IRS to target tea party groups and other republican groups, using his power to have them harassed and investigated, and there still hasn’t been a thorough investigation into the matter.   This was done for political vengeance pure and simple. And let’s not forget the government shutdown of the national parks and monuments, the shutting down of these parks costing more than it would have to keep them open. Barack Obama kept veterans and other citizens from enjoying what rightfully belongs to them, all for political purposes. Yet, all we hear from the mainstream media is the sound of crickets when it comes to these.

Yes, we have to investigate the closing of these lanes, after all there certainly can’t be anything else out there which is more important, like, say the Benghazi attack which wasn’t over a video no one saw and wasn’t even released until after the attack. Or we really don’t need to know about the failure of Syria to turn over their chemical weapons like they were supposed to. And Iran having nuclear capability, why that isn’t a threat to us so we need not concern ourselves with it. Let’s worry about a traffic jam, which, by the way occurs most every day on the busiest bridge in the country, if not the world.

Enough of that let us get back to the gates. Looking at all the gates, while the majority of the gates falling into the political realm seem to occur in Great Britain those in the United States seem to somehow be connected with former President Bill Clinton, you know the husband of Hillary Rodham. One of the “Troopergates” for example involves Bill using Arkansas State Troopers to finding company for him when he was lonely. And then there is “Whitewatergate” and some shady real estate dealings involving the Clintons. “Travelgate” involved member of the Clinton White House Travel Office and “Concussiongate” when Hilary Clinton was accused of faking a concussion so she wouldn’t have to testify on the Benghazi attacks. And of course who can forget “Monicagate” and its other names such as “Lewinskygate”, “Tailgate”, “Sexgate” and of course “Zippergate.” We’ll dispense of the details of what this was about.

Yes it is wrong that members of Chris Christie’s staff caused a traffic jam on the GW Bridge (certainly no more than the gridlock caused by one of Barack Obama’s motorcades with its entourage of vehicles) and it should be investigated, but please, can we close the gate?

Commentarygate by Paul Roy




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One Response to "Chris Christie and Another Gate"

  1. Richard Harris   January 13, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    You said the President used the IRS to target tea-party groups. Where did you get that info ??? You must know something that the rest of us don’t !!! Also that part about President Obama denying vterans the right to what was theirs. If you are referring to the shutdown I am afraid you are wrong again. You have been watching way too much
    Fox News !!

    Overall, however, I though the article was extremely well wriitten and even rather humorous. Good Job !! I just wish you would have excluded the “Baloneygate”.


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