Colonel Meow Death Leaves Minions Mourning Over the World

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Colonel Meow the “World’s Angriest Cat” passed away in Los Angeles yesterday evening leaving his minions mourning world over. The much loved feline who was two years old, had been ill since last year and the cause of his death is yet to be disclosed by his owner.

Colonel Meow was a Himalayan Persian Cross breed, born on Oct. 11, 2011 and was rescued by Anne Marie Avey from a road side in Seattle, Washington. Meow was bestowed upon his famous name all thanks to the intense facial expression and authoritative demeanor that he possessed.

MeowHe became an internet sensation when his owner who calls herself “slave beast” created a Facebook account and posted some videos of him on YouTube. Soon his videos went viral all over the world and Colonel Meow became an overnight sensation and an entertainer to hundreds of “Minions,” a name used to refer his million or more fan following.

The celebrity cat even had his presence on an exclusive website which featured dedicated updates from Colonel Meow’s daily life. However, earlier in November his owner, slave beast, had posted about his illness on Facebook and the risky surgery he underwent because of it.

Minions!!! Colonel needs YOU. He has been in the hospital and the doctors don’t really understand what’s wrong with him

Soon after the Facebook update, the beloved minions raised $20,000 for his treatment and Colonel Meow was released from hospital a week later to widespread jubilation. However, the happiness was short lived as minions over the world are left reeling under the pain of Colonel Meow’s death and are mourning his untimely death.

Colonel Meows journey to fame

MeowIt all started in the month of August 2012, when his owner created a Facebook fan-page with the pictures of Colonel Meow along with some videos. With the ensuing fame, he soon featured in the Daily What in its September’12 issue, with a reference to his presence on Facebook and within a day the number of likes on his page had reached close to 10,000.

In the ensuing weeks, images of the grumpy cat were shared and re-shared many times in the cat loving community through blogs and social networks like The Daily Dot, Buzzfeed and Reddit. By September end, his Facebook page had received more than 16,000 likes from his now re-christened fan following called the minions.

The Daily What then followed up with another interview with Colonel Meow and his owner, in which she mentioned that Colonel Meow was to star in the December episode of Ellen. Colonel Meow  was soon featured in radio stations, blogs and in news sites world over which included a wide array of reputed dailies like the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post.

MeowHe appeared on CNN’s Anderson Live, has a Twitter account and a Tumblr account for his owner to feed the images from an Instagram account. His YouTube channel received millions of hits from his minions world over, with the most famous being Colonel Meows’ diaries: A rise of power, Grumpy Cat stars, Scotch with Colonel Meow and many more.

A new feather was added to his cap when he received the “Guinness book of world records” title for the cat with longest hair which was about 9 inches. In all, Colonel Meow’s death will leave his minions mourning for the loss and he will definitely be missed by his fans world-over for his inglorious frown. May he rest in peace!


By Daris Abraham

The Independent
IB Times

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