Connersville Sheriff Hopeful Shoots Himself in the Leg

Connersville Sheriff Hopeful Shoots Himself in the Leg

Connersville sheriff-hopeful shoots himself in the leg, literally and figuratively, after his Glock accidentally discharged in a gun shop on Saturday afternoon. David Counceller says he was placing his weapon into an unfamiliar holster and his clothing tangled in the trigger mechanism causing it to fire. The bullet passed through his leg and embedded in the floor of the shop.

Counceller is in the running for the position of Indiana County Police Chief, but he’s going to have to work hard to overcome this embarrassing setback. Quoted as saying he “needs to pay more attention,” Counceller and several Connersville residents are shaking their heads at the incident. With over 30 years of service with the Connersville Police Department, the accident serves nicely to highlight that even experts must always remember weapon safety.

Perhaps more embarrassing and surprising than a well-trained and seasoned police chief shooting himself in the leg, this is in fact the second time Counceller has shot himself my mistake. About 15 years ago he accidentally discharged a round into his hand after failing to clear the chamber of the final round of a magazine when unloading a weapon to take to a gunsmith.

Despite the two black marks on his record, Councellers workmates and friends are quick to support him, saying this latest injury was just an unfortunate accident and that he is an excellent marksman. Connersville mayor Leonard Urban laughed off the incident, saying that trigger safety of Glocks is notoriously lax and that the unwanted firing was just an accident that could have struck any gun owner. Counseller went on to say that anyone who thinks this can’t happen to them is wrong, it doesn’t matter how much weapon experience they have. The chief urged those with guns to be on guard at all times, never assume a gun won’t fire a bullet. If even a Connersville sheriff-hopeful shoots self in the leg by accident, it truly can happen to anyone.

The accident occurred because Counceller had removed his .40 caliber Glock pistol in Wulf’s Gun Shop to compare it to a newer model he considering purchasing. Apparently the trigger safety isn’t as good as it should be, and when Counseller pushed the weapon into its holster it tangled in his clothes, firing the gun. The bullet passed cleanly through his leg before burying itself in the shop floor, and the Police Chief says the wound “doesn’t even hurt.” He drove himself to the hospital and received treatment for a flesh wound on his right thigh, nurses giggling at the situation throughout the procedure.

If Monday hadn’t been Martin Luther King Jr. day he would have worked a full week, as it stands Tuesday is his first day back on the job after the incident. Although Connersville sheriff-hopeful shoots himself in the leg doesn’t sound like good publicity, Counseller is trying hard to put a positive spin on the accident, using it as an example to show the importance of gun safety to those who would vote for him to be sheriff.

By Daniel O’Brien


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  1. Martin Hedington   January 22, 2014 at 2:46 am

    Applying Libtard anti-gun logic then, surely the entire department should be disarmed, if not the entire States Law Enforcement sector. (sarcasm – off).


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