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When people go to fun music festivals, which can last for days, food has always been a top priority for most. Everyone who attends these events must pack food that will last them throughout the entire time they are there. Although some people cannot bring a grill with them, just packing camping foods like granola bars, raw fruits, nuts, seeds, or pre-made sandwiches is common but can get old real quick after a few days of eating the same thing.

If someone does in fact bring a small charcoal grill with them and wants to keep it simple, they can still have fun with their food preparation. Fruit is always a good item to bring because it ensures the intake of nutrients. Also, fruit can be placed in a backpack without making a mess. If portability is a priority due to the fact that walking around all day and all night is part of the festival scene, then camping foods are the way to go. There are many creative ideas when it comes to festival food.

Going to a festival means that it is important to only take what is necessary. Lugging things around all day will put a damper on the experience. A way to save space that is totally portable and mess free is the bottle omelet. Crack open some eggs and add other ingredients such as bacon pieces, ham, sausage, cheese, mushrooms and peppers. Mix the ingredients and pour them into an empty water bottle. If cooking for a large group of people, pour a larger batch into a larger jug of some sort. This avoids any cracked eggs on the way to the festival. There is also the bottle pancakes. Mix up a batch of pancake batter and pour it into the bottle. Some people like to add berries to the mix or even chocolate chips.

Festival food can be very diverse because it is full of diverse people from all over. People improvise creative and fun ways to cook their festival food so they can give it to hungry people, new friends, or advertise it for sale. Some like to keep it simple and cheap by cooking up grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers and still make a good amount of money because people do go to festivals without enough food and people are always hungry.

When people are looking to make great money, they become more creative to attract the crowd. A favorite is stuffed bell peppers. Cut the top of the pepper off and save it to put it back on while it is cooking. Empty the contents inside of the pepper and stuff it with the preferred ingredients. This usually consists of Italian sausage, chicken, steak, mushrooms, onions, or cheese. Replace the top and wrap the entire pepper in foil. Place it beside the fire or on the grill. When the pepper feels a bit soft, it is ready to enjoy or distribute as a tasty treat.  Stuffed hamburgers are popular as well, stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, or onions. If money for the ingredients is an issue, a bag of medium to large-sized rolls and a few cans of soup can easily prepare soup in a bread bowl. No matter what is considered a necessity for a festival, food is always on the top of the list, and making it fun only adds to the experience.

By Brittany Varner-Miller

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