French President Caught in Love Affair?

French President

The French President may have been caught out in a love affair with a beautiful French actress. Francois Hollande may be involved with the latest and least surprising, yet scandalous, rumor to come out of Paris. Namely that the president, who is apparently in a long-term committed relationship, has been having an affair with Julie Gayet.

The 59-year-old president is threatening to sue the French magazine Closer over the allegation that he and Gayet, 41, have been secretly meeting to conduct a romance. The curiosity is that neither is denying the affair; they are just taking legal action on the basis that the press cannot report on their private lives. French law is extremely strict in this area, and publications like Closer cannot report the private lives of public figures, and specifically politicians, unless there is reason to believe their actions would affect their ability to do their work.

Given that Closer has evidence of meetings and nothing more, it is questionable whether or not they might win any legal action. This is the same tabloid that ran topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing, resulting in a lawsuit against the publication. Despite the threat of a lawsuit, Closer has reportedly sold out of the issue in which the affair was reported.

Madam Gayet has long been a very public supporter of the French president, appearing in campaign videos and at public events to support the French Socialist Party; however, the rumor is now that the support has gone a significant step further. She also made legal complaints against french bloggers and web sites that first circulated rumors several months ago. However, the story has now received international coverage.

There has been no public reaction from Monsieur Hollande’s partner, journalist Valerie Trierweiler. Trierweiler herself was married to another person when she started a relationship with Hollande, who in turn was also in a relationship with Segolene Royal at the time. Hollande and Royal were an item for 30 years, and had four children together, so it may not be the first time this particular French President has been caught out with a love affair.

Royal also fitted in with Hollande’s taste for high-powered women, as she was a well placed French presidential candidate before she ultimately lost to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. In turn, Sarkozy was in fact twice married before he met and wooed Carla Bruni; although he had formally completed divorce proceedings before that relationship started.

The comings and goings of the French power set aside, Madam Gayet is a successful actress with 50 credits to her name in a wide variety of roles before she allegedly became involved with the President.

It is now reported that Madame Trierweiler is staying on one side of the Elysee Palace, and Francois the other; the main drawback to the situation is that the president’s security detail is being driven mad by his constant disappearances each evening.

However, they couldn’t protect this French President from reportedly being caught in a love affair.

By Andrew Willig



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  1. Zaman Khan   January 13, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Unlike the English speaking countries, this is a private affair. The press can have a field day but nothing more than that.

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