Global Warming Causes Global Spending: Follow the Money [video]

Global Warming Causes Global Spending: Follow the Money
Global warming causes, when you follow the money, are shown to be nothing but political excuses to waste trillions in unnecessary global spending. Billions of those tax dollars are taken from an unsuspecting public, then given – tax-free – to the global warming gurus who keep the lie going; so it really should come as no surprise that those very gurus do all they can to keep their cash-cow alive and kicking. Some estimates put the spending on global warming causes at one billion dollars a day.

Governments around the world, at the behest of the U.N., spend vast amounts of money on a problem which only exists in computer models. Climate change research has become big business; driven by political ideology and greed, instead of a quest for truth. There are reams of real-world data available which effortlessly debunk the myth of climate change. However; if it is ever mentioned publicly, the data is laughed off as conspiracy theory “denial,” obviously being spread by agents of Big Energy.

If any individual or organization – with more than two dimes to rub together – should decide to fund climate research not predicated on anthropogenic global warming causes, they will be accused of employing “dark money.” – particularly if the donors have opted to keep their identities to themselves. Since the global warming cause faithful will picket, protest, threaten, intimidate and lie about any person involved in “heresy” against their religion, who can blame people for wanting to remain anonymous?

Here in America, DOE stimulus loans – the entire Energy Department loan portfolio, in fact – have gone to people and companies with significant connections to Democratic politicians. Those recipients all seem to have been top donors, fundraisers and bundlers for Obama and other Democrats in high office. Following the global warming money shows that it causes American spending almost equal to the amount of global spending. The U.N. has very little on the U.S., when it comes to funding global warming causes.

Starting in 2009, the Energy Department has employed three funding and loan programs – along with pressure from President Obama and Vice President Biden – to monetize 33 projects. Section 1705 of the 2009 Recovery Act; Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) and the 1603 Treasury Program. 1705 and the ATVM have guaranteed $34.5 billion in taxpayer money, which has given America such notable losers as Solyndra, Fisker Automotive, Beacon Power, the Vehicle Production Group, Abound Solar and SoloPower. There are more “green” sinkholes out there still, waiting to implode.

Treasury Program 1603 alone awarded free taxpayer cash to campaign donors cum green energy execs to the tune of $19,349,675,402.00 How is private money supposed to compete with those kinds of numbers?

In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid has been using Green stimulus money to buy his reelections. Nevada Geothermal won a $98.5 million loan in September 2010. Ormat Nevada won $350 million and SolarReserve won $737 million in September 2011. All three companies got their money from the SWIP-E project, which Reid championed and campaigned on. Those three companies – through their executives – have donated more than $58,000 to Reid and other Democrats, since 2008.


BrightSource Energy won of $1.6 billion in April 2011for a solar project. BrightSource Energy also held a fundraiser for Senator Reid in their Oakland offices, hosted by none other than then-CEO, John Woolard and then-chairman of PG&E, along with Peter Darbee of BrightSource Energy, in August 2010.

A survey of 3247 US research scientists who address global warming causes – all publicly funded through the National Institutes of Health, an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services – published in the science journal Nature, showed that 503 of them admitted to altered the design, methodology or results of their studies, due to pressure from funding sources. Those were just the scientists willing to be honest; it is safe to assume a much larger number.

Global Warming Causes Global Spending: Follow the Money

Evidently, the key to obtaining grant money resides in what your study says it means to discover. Should a scientist want to study the migratory patterns of a particular butterfly, they might title their grant proposal like this: “A study of the migratory patterns of the Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly.” A perfectly reasonable title for a proposal which will certainly yield greater knowledge of the natural world.

However, that scientist is competing against another researcher, whose title is “A study of the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change on the migratory patterns of the Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly.” Both people would be gathering the exact same data, but only one of them purports to forward the global warming cause. There is no doubt as to which scientist will be funded.

Of course, the “global warming cause” industry, which collects all those billions in tax-free grants, is not above fudging numbers, data manipulation or lying with a straight face. When they get caught, they say they are only exaggerating to emphasize how important the global warming cause is. It cannot be about the money, since they claim to have absolutely the best of intentions. Therefore, they can only be judged on their ideals; condemning them for the lies they tell, the financial crimes they perpetrate and waste they incur, might jeopardize the “scientific process.” Follow the money and it is easy to see where global warming causes global spending.

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