Google Glass Causes Problems at the Theater

Google Glass

In Ohio,  a man was detained and questioned in relation to his wearing Google Glass in the theater during a movie. AMC theater officials and police reacted strongly to the idea that the man was recording the video with his Google glass, which caused many problems for the man at the theater. The man wrote to Gadgeteer, sharing his experience of the incident. Afterwards he decided to advance the idea that awareness toward the new technology should be spread in order to keep events like this from happening to people in the future with Google Glass continuing to gain users.

Google Glass is a newly introduced technology that allows users to complete hands-free tasks with their voice by giving Glass verbal commands. Some of these tasks include taking pictures, recording videos, viewing driving directions, sending and reading messages, among others. The technology fits on a user’s face like a pair of glasses and can even be compatible with sunglasses and contacts.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, was wearing Google Glass which had within it a prescription lens for his vision. He told reporters that he did not even think about the camera being on Google Glass because he uses the technology for many other things. He stated that, in his opinion, the camera is actually the least interesting thing about Glass.

The man and his wife were attending a viewing of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit when an agent came up next to him and showed him a badge. He grabbed the Google Glass off of the man’s face and told him to come outside of the theater. The Glass user told reporters that he was, at first, afraid and thought about calling the cops. He was unsure why there were five to ten cops and mall security officers waiting outside, not having intended to cause any problems. He understood once the agent asked him why he was recording the movie. Then the man realized that it was a simple misunderstanding, which he wanted to clear up, though the agents did not make it that easy.

AMC employees called the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA),  who then called homeland security. An investigation was started as representatives of the AMC theater stated that they take movie theft very seriously. They stated that the man should not have even worn the Google Glass at the theater and that he should have expected that it would cause problems. The man told reporters that he had worn the technology to two theaters before and did not have problems. He even stated that the employees at the theater always seemed excited and wanted to know how the product worked.

The man was held for an hour as the possible crime was looked into. He told reporters that he kept telling everyone who interrogated him to simply plug the Glass into a computer and check the files for themselves, though they did not do so for a while. Finally a man who introduced himself as Bob Hope, from the Movie Association, allowed someone who brought in a laptop to hook up the device through a USB cord and search for any evidence.

No evidence was found of the man recording with his Google Glass, so eventually he and his wife were able to leave. They were given four free passes to movies at the AMC theater. He said that the investigators and theater officials did not even apologize for the incident, which made him very angry.

With Google Glass causing problems at the theater, many are wondering whether there should be restrictions as to where users are allowed to wear Glass. Reports also showed that a woman was stopped by police and taken to court over wearing Glass while driving. While certain applications available on glass are meant to be accessible while driving, such as navigation, courts are disputing whether or not users should be allowed to drive while wearing the interactive device. As new apps continue to be introduced for Google Glass, including one controversial app which allows users to view themselves having sex while in the act, technology gurus wait to see wear Glass will go next. Users can learn more about Google Glass at

By Crystal Boulware

Toronto Sun
The Smoking Section

3 Responses to "Google Glass Causes Problems at the Theater"

  1. Roy Pierce   January 23, 2014 at 11:11 am

    This incident reminds me of the zero tolerance rules at some schools. Where over zealous people ignore common sense and go off on a tangent thinking they are so
    righteous in their actions. It also reminds me of an incident that happened to me, many years ago when email was just coming into use at places of work. I sent an email from home to the person that was my team leader telling them I would not be in.One of the
    people working there heard about the email and told the supervisor of the section that I was accessing the company computer from home. It caused a minor incident until the facts were established. A lack of knowledge and understanding can be a dangerous thing.

  2. Tony   January 23, 2014 at 4:54 am

    What do you expect idiot!

  3. Wally Ballou   January 23, 2014 at 3:30 am

    If “Homeland Security” has the time and resources to serve as enforcers for the MPAA, they need to be shut down. It enrages me to see a DHS warning on my DVD or Blu-Ray.


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