Grammy Awards 2014 Winners (Review & Videos)

Grammy Awards Winners (Review & Winners)
The Grammy Awards brought out the hottest stars of today and yesteryear, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, like Macklemore & Lewis, Katy Perry, Keith Urban,  and Metallica, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. LL Cool J hosted the Grammy Awards 2014 show, and Jay Z led the nominations, with a total of 9. Only ten Grammy Awards will actually be handed out tonight — the other 70 or so were given before the show ever started. Who were the winners tonight? Read on to find out!

A live performance of “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce kicked off the Grammy Awards. Oh, 3 minutes in, and we have the first BLEEP of the night, but who cares, when Queen B dances as sexily as she does? Her ability to twerk puts Miley Cyrus to shame. Oh, yet another BLEEP — and, a third not long after.

Then, Beyonce is joined onstage with  Jay Z. What a great way to open tonight’s show!

LL Cool J then introduced the Grammy Awards 2014, calling it “music’s biggest night.” He also said that music “inspires us” and “unleashes us.”  He said he feels love towards Taylor Swift, and referenced how she writes a lot of songs slamming her past boyfriends, saying: “Gentlemen, watch yourselves!” And, he also mentioned the upcoming performance of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, about 50 years after they toured together as two of the four Beatles.

The Grammy Award for Best New Artist was the first Grammy to be awarded. The five nominees were Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Ed Sheeran, and Kacey Musgraves.  I picked the duo of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis as the winner.The Grammy went to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! I’m 1 for 1!

Lorde next came out to sing “Royals.” I love this song — it ROCKS! It started off a little slow, but then it picked up, and it was an incredible performance, IMHO –very cool.

Hunter Hayes and Katy Perry will be up next. I don’t know much about the music of Hunter Hayes, but I’m looking forward to Katy Perry’s performance.

Hunter Hayes performed right after the first commercial break of the night. He sang his hit, “Invisible.” He should perhaps be called a pop star more so than a country one, but he certainly appeals to a lot of young female country music fans.

The Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance was the next one given. The five nominations were “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink (featuring Nate Ruess), “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams, and “Stay” by Rihanna (Featuring Mikky Ekko). These were all awesome performances, but I said that the winner of this Grammy Award would be Justin Timberlake and Jay Z for “Suit & Tie.” The Grammy instead went to “Get Lucky.”

Katy Perry performed her hit song “Dark Horse.” The stage was foggy, there were bare trees, choreographed dancers — it was pretty impressive. Then, it looked as if fire erupted all around and on the stage — she was also joined onstage by Juicy J. It was yet great performance from Katy Perry.

Robin Thicke then performed asome songs from quite a few years ago — . and then — what I was waiting for — he launched into his hit song, “Blurred Lines.”

Keith Urban and Gary Clark, Jr., then performed. They were fantastic together, and they both jammed out on their electric guitars. At that point, they sounded more rock than country, but it was the best part of the song to me, anyway.

This just in — Led Zeppelin won the Grammy for Best Rock Album of 2014. The award was for their album “Celebration Day.” It’s a live album recorded in 2007. The remaining members of the group performed at a tribute concert in honor of record label executive Ahmet Ertegun. The album was released in late 2012.

Taylor Swift will take the stage right after the next commercial break, and the Grammy Award for Best Country Performance will be given.

John Legend played the piano and sang the song “All of Me.” His song contained the fourth BLEEP of the night, but it was a very melodic, beautiful song. He’s definitely a great singer.

“Uncle” Charlie Wilson and Kevin Hart were the next presenters. They presented the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. The five songs nominated were “Cut Me Some Slack” by Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic & Pat Smear; “Ain’t Messin’ ‘Round” by Gary Clark Jr.; “Doom And Gloom” by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards; “Panic Station” by Matthew Bellamy; and, “God Is Dead?” by Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi & Ozzy Osbourne(Black Sabbath).

I said that the winner of this Grammy Award would be “Cut Me Some Slack,” though I was torn between it and “God Is Dead?” by Black Sabbath. The winner of the Grammy was Drave Grohl, Paul McCartney, etc., for “Cut Me Some Slack.” WOO-HOO! This marks my second correct prediction of the evening!

Taylor Swift was the next performer. She played the piano wonderfully, and sang “All Too Well.” I didn’t know that she could play the piano — what a beautiful song, though. I hadn’t ever heard it before, though I have heard it’s one of the biggest hits of 2013.

Bruno Mars introduced the next performer — Pink, singing her hit “Try.” She took to the skies, dangling from ropes and spinning about like a circus performer. I love this song — Pink gave a very acrobatic performance, to say the least.

Pink then made a very fast costume change and performed her hit “Just Give Me a Reason.” I am a big fan of Pink, and I really enjoyed her performances of these two songs.

Ariana Grande and Nick Adams presented the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance. The five nominees were: “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars, “Royals” by Lorde, “Roar” by Katy Perry, and “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. I’m a fan of Katy Perry’s, and she might very well win this Grammy Award; but, I’m going to say that Justin Timberlake will be the winner with “Mirrors.” However, it went to Lorde for “Royals.”

The members of Black Sabbath, including Ozzie Osbourne, then introduced Ringo Starr performing one of his solo hits, “Photograph.” Old black-and-white photographs flashed behind him as he sang. It’s a great song — Ringo proved he can still get’er done with his performance.He got a standing ovation.

Then, Jamie Fox came onstage, saying “Give it up for Ringo Starr!” He presented the Grammy for Best Rap song. I didn’t make a prediction for this category. The winner was “Holy Grail” by Jay Z (featuring Justin Timberlake). He called the Grammy “a gold Sippee Cup” for his and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue.

LL Cool J then introduced Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons, singing “Radioactive” and “m.a.a.d City.” It was a WAY COOL version of the two songs. It got some of the audience standing up and dancing — it also marked the fifth and sixth BLEEPS of the evening–and the eighth and ninth.

The censors were on their toes, apparently — oh, there’s number 10. We’re into double digits now. I don’t believe the original song, “Radioactive,” while a powerful one, had any swear words in it. Still, it was a TERRIFIC performance — there goes Number 11, but who’s counting?

Kacey Musgraves performed next. She sang “Follow Your Arrow.” Amazingly, she wasn’t bleeped even once — go figure. Neon cactus dressed the stage. It was a cool song — again, one I hadn’t ever heard before, though I admittedly don’t get out much.

LL Cool J then introduced Julia Roberts to the tune of “Lay Down Sally.” Julia spoke about it being very close to the 50th. anniversary of when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Sir Paul McCartney performed a new song of his, “Queenie Eye,” with — you guessed it — Ringo Starr! The years seemed to melt away as he sang with his former band mate. McCartney can still hit the high notes, too! ROCK ON, Sir Paul!

Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony were the next presenters on the Grammy Awards show. They presented the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. The five nominees were: “Pure Heroine” by Lorde, “Paradise” by Lana Del Rey, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, “Unorthodox Justice” by Bruno Mars, and “The 20/20 Experience – The Complete Experience,” by Justin Timberlake. I chose Justin Timberlake’s album as the winner of this Grammy Award, but the winner was Bruno Mars, for “Unorthodox Justice.”

Jeremy Renner from American Hustle introduced the next performers. Blake Shelton was on stage after another commercial break with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson.

First, Willie and Kris sang “I’m Still Alive.” Then, Merle and Blake performed “Okie from Muskogee.” Then, Willie started singing “Momma, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys.” The audience stood, and nodded their heads, some genuinely and some perhaps sarcastically — still, IMHO, these country music icons gave an excellent performance.

Martina McBride and Zac Brown then presented the Grammy Award for Best Country Album. I didn’t make a prediction for this Grammy Award. It went to Kacey Musgraves for “Same Trailer, Different Park.”

Neil Patrick Harris came onstage then, saying “We are all about to get lucky!” he introduced the next performers, all Grammy winners, Stevie Wonder, Nils Rogers, Daft Punk, and Pharrell, who were all onstage together, performing “Get Lucky.” AMAZING performance! They even sampled a bit of the song “Freak Out.” Stevie Wonder was pretty great. Needless to say, they got a standing ovation.

Cyndi Lauper introduced the next performers, Carol King and Sara Bareilles. They sang “Brave” together. Carol King started out singing her song “Beautiful.” Sara has an awesome voice — they performed very well together.

Sara called it a “thrill” to perform with Carol King. They presented the Grammy Award for Best Song of the Year. The five nominees were: “Just Give Me a Reason,” co-written by Pink, Nate Ruess, and Jeff Basker. Then, there was “Royals,” co-written by Joel Little and Ella Yelich O’Connor (Lorde), and “Same Love,” written by Ben Haggerty, Mary Lambert and Ryan Lewis. The fourth song nominated was “Roar” by the collaborative songwriting team of Katy Perry, Henry Walter, Max Martin, and Bonnie McKee. The fifth song nominated was “Locked Out of Heaven” by the songwriters Bruno Mars, Ari Levine, and Philip Lawrence.

I predicted that the winner of this Grammy will be “Royals.” DOUBLE WOO-HOO! That marked my third correct prediction of the night! Not a great record, but I’ll take what I can get!

Then, Jared Leto introduced Metallica and Lang Lang, who performed “One.” KILLER PERFORMANCE, if you’re a Metallica fan, which I am! They brought a bit of Heavy Metal to the Grammy Awards 2014 show — well done, also! Two more BLEEPS ensued during this performance; but, also, lightning fast guitar work, amazing piano playing, ah, AWESOME version of this classic!

Smokey Robinson and Steven Tyler then presented the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. Steven sang a bit of “You Really Got a Hold on Me.”The five nominees were: “Get Lucky,” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, “Royals,” by Lorde, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, “Locked Out of Heaven,” by Bruno Mars, and “Blurred Lines,” by Robin Thicke (featuring Pharrell Williams). I said that “Get Lucky” would take the honors and be the winner. I was correct! Daft Punk won with “Get Lucky!” That is my fourth correct prediction of the Grammy Awards 2014 show!

Then, Queen Latifah introduced Macklemore & Lewis singing “Same Love.” The rumor before the Grammy Awards show was that over 30 gay couples would get married during the song. And, with Queen Latifah officiating, 33 same-sex couples did get married! Madonna joined in towards the end of the song, wearing a white cowboy hat.

Billie Joe and Miranda Lambert then paid tribute to Phil Everly, who died recently, by singing “When Will I Be Loved,” which he wrote and which Linda Ronstadt made into a hit.

The Grammy Award for Album of the Year had five albums nominated. These were “The Blessed Unrest,” by Sara Bareilles, Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories,” the fantastic “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” by Kendrick Lamar, “The Heist” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Taylor Swift’s “Red.” The Grammy went to Daft Punk for “Random Access Memories.”

Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsey Buckingham, and Nine Inch Nails with David Grohl closed out the Grammy Awards 2014 show. It ran way over, but it was an awesome show filled with some of today’s and yesteryear’s best music and musicians. What do you think were some of the highlights? Did your favorites win? Who do you think deserved to win, if you didn’t like a certain choice? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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