Hathaway Said Near Drowning Was Overblown

HathawayAnne Hathaway said her near drowning was overblown by the media and really wasn’t that serious. There were reports that the young actress had almost drowned on her Hawaii vacation earlier in the month. Photographs of the incident show the star struggling in a riptide and her husband tending to a wounded foot.

Young Star Says She is Fine

The photographs were taken in Oahu, where Hathaway and her Adam Shulman had gone on vacation to spend moments on the beach. The 31-year-old actress said she is fine and appreciates those that are concerned. She said the photos and story were not in proper context and that the real incident really wasn’t all that interesting.

According to StarPulse, the photo of Shulman tending to her toe on the beach had a “false story attached to it.” The paparazzi photos of Hathaway were accompanied by stories that she was taken by a substantial riptide near the beach. The reports said that she had to be rescued, she has dismissed those claims as false.

Announcement Made at Film Festival

Hathaway cleared up the details of the incident at the popular Sundance Film Festival, where she was attending the opening of her new movie, “Song One.” The starlet actress is also famous for her roles in Les Misérables(2012), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Love & Other Drugs (2010), The Princess Diaries (2001), One Day (2011), Brokeback Mountain (2005), The Devil Wears Prada (2006) and Havoc (2005) to name just a few.

Hathaway said in the announcement that she was fine and that the near drowning story was totally overblown by the paparazzi. She didn’t seem to take the whole thing too seriously. She even made a joke to one reporter during the announcement that she had been told to say she was playing Charades and pulled the “Titanic” card.

What Next for Young Star

Hathaway is a young, pretty and talented star propelling herself high into the echelon of top stars in Hollywood. Her next film portrays her in yet another daring role.

The upcoming film, Song One is about a woman, played by Hathaway, who is estranged from her family but goes back home in an effort to help her brother, who was injured in an accident. She then falls in love with a musician while she’s there.

She gets emotional while her brother lay in a serious coma. To help her cope with her emotions Hathaway’s character explores the Brooklyn music scene. Hathaway sings in the film Song One but she explained at the Sundance premier that she didn’t take it quite as seriously as the performances in Les Misérables.

“It wasn’t as much pressure because my character is not a singer or any type of musician so there is no added flair to please the music fans” Hathaway said at the time.

Hathaway wanted to set the record straight on what was said to be a near drowning experience.  It was really just overblown by the media and was not at all that serious, according to Anne.

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