Justin Bieber Rehab Feud

Bieber Rehab Feud

These days, Justin Bieber adds the possibility of going to rehab to the long list of recent scandals: drug accusations, dirty messages and pictures sent to his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez and a fake retirement. Although the Canadian superstar allegedly threw eggs at one of his neighbor’s house and the police found ecstasy and Xanax in his home, things seem to get even worse for Bieber.

Shortly after his friend Lil Za was arrested for drug possession, another scandal once again threatens Bieber’s image. An entire conversation between Bieber and Gomez surfaced which shows the Canadian superstar’s unpardonable language and his refusal to even hear about going to rehab. The message feud seems to have convinced Gomez to break up with him, although sources from the Come & Get It singer’s circle say that neither the discussion nor Bieber’s genital photos are real.

After they spent January 2 together and rode Segways in the middle of the street, causing a traffic jam, a reconciliation seemed not only plausible, but also real. Bieber even posted a photo on Twitter with Gomez and captioned it “Love the way you look at me,” but sources say they are not together. The final straw was allegedly the string of messages in which Gomez was urging Bieber to go to rehab, discussion which ended up in a feud between the former lovers.

Several sources claim that the message exchange was fabricated and then leaked by someone in Bieber’s camp who wants to sabotage him. It seems that the Canadian superstar already knew about those messages and the fact that they were going to be leaked, but instead of commenting, Bieber decided to hit the slopes of Aspen.

The bad boy behavior does not stop here; it seems that during his short vacation, Bieber jumped out of the motorcade and peed his initials in the snow while being surrounded by bodyguards.

Retirement Hoax Worries Beliebers

For Bieber’s fans, the news of his retirement left them wondering if their idol was genuinely going to quit. The superstar’s Twitter message in which he admitted that he was officially retiring created instant buzz. Sources in Bieber’s camp immediately reacted to the news, saying that “it is all for the show” and that “he is going to take some time off.”

Allison Kaye, Scooter Brown Projects’ manager, cleared the air when she concluded that Bieber was simply frustrated and upset because his recent fundraising work in the Philippines didn’t raise as much media attention as his wrongdoings. She also mentioned that Bieber’s Twitter message was a result of all the negative media attention he has received lately and that he will be taking a break.

Justin Bieber is in a lot of trouble after his image was badly affected by his latest actions.  Sources say that his close friends and family are trying to convince him to go to rehab. Selena Gomez, his on-off girlfriend was one of the people who allegedly told him to ask for help, but the discussion turned into a feud. Although both Bieber’s family and fans are worried for the Canadian superstar and several people have reportedly urged him to check into rehab, Bieber chose to hit the slopes with his friends like a normal teenager instead. There is no sign of him making any comments regarding the message exchange with former flame Selena Gomez, but sources say that Bieber’s behavior is nothing more than a form of expressing his exhaustion after a 15-month tour.

By Gabriela Motroc


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  1. heather   January 25, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    why in the first place is this 19 year old out drag racing , drinking under age and all? He should be treated like any other 19 year old. o a dui charge no less then 24 hr detox hold and for drag racing they should suspend his lic for a minimum of 6 months at least because if he got int an accident he could of killed someone.

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