High Blood Pressure More Dangerous for Women Than for Men

High Blood Pressure More Dangerous for Women Than For Men

There has been new research found which shows that high blood pressure could be possibly more dangerous for women than it is for men. The study report was printed in the December copy of Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease, and stated that women who suffer from hypertension need to have more aggressive treatments than men who have the same condition. The researchers found there were major differences behind what caused high blood pressure in females when compared to males.

In the study, examiners at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, which is located in North Carolina, studied 100 women and men. They were all over the age of 53 and were suffering from untreated hypertension, but did not have any other key diseases. Tests were conducted on the patients to see if it was their blood vessels or hearts which were causing their high blood pressure. Because of seeming gender based differences in the disease itself and also a lack of understanding about the basic organic cause was what prompted the study in the first place.

The medical community has long believed that hypertension was exactly the same for both the sexes and so treatment was given based on that idea, stated Carlos Ferrario, who is a professor of surgery at Wake Forest Baptist and was the main author of the study. He stated that this research study was the first of its kind to actually gender as an element in the choice of antihypertensive medications.

The 100 test subjects were assessed by an assortment of specialized experiments which showed the researchers if their hearts or blood vessels were to blame in raising blood pressure. The tests, which would be able to be carried out in any doctor’s office, may provide significant information about the state of a person’s circulation. Thy measured hemodynamic, which is the force behind the circulation of blood, and also the hormonal characteristics of what caused high blood pressure in both men and women

It was discovered that 30 to 40 percent more vascular disease was found in women when equaled to men for the same high blood pressure level. It was also found that there were substantial physiologic differences in the women’s cardiovascular systems, which included levels of hormones and different types which were involved in the regulation of blood pressure. These added to the frequency and severity of heart disease.

This hypertension study’s findings suggest there is a need to better understand female’s specific foundations of hypertensive processes so doctors can better find optimal treatments for this vulnerable population, added Ferrario.  New protocols are needed to use as evaluation methods, such as what drugs need to be used, and in what combination and what dosage, in order to treat women who have high blood pressure.

The number of deaths that are due to heart diseases have significantly dropped in the United States in the past twenty years among men. But, in that same time period, heart disease has become the primary cause of death for women who reside in America. It is the reason behind over 1/3 of all female deaths. The gender divide is what prompted the researchers to take up the study in the first place.

All this research found that high blood pressure was possibly more dangerous for women than it was for men and the proper steps needed to be put in place for treatment.

By Kimberly Ruble


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