Iowa Teacher Loses Weight on McDonald’s Diet

Iowa Teacher Loses Weight on McDonald's Diet

An Iowa science teacher has lost nearly 40 pounds and he did it by eating only a McDonald’s fast food diet for three months. John Cisna wanted to see what would happen if he ate nothing but food from McDonald’s for that period of time. Instead of putting on the weight like filmmaker Morgan Spurlock did in his documentary movie Super Size Me, Cisna ended up losing 37 pounds and even had his cholesterol fall.

The educator had his students aid him in planning out 2,000 calorie daily diet plans which consisted of nothing but McDonald’s nutrition. They worked on not going over the recommended daily allowances of specific nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat calories. Cisna said that what he did was possible because he made sensible choices from the McDonald’s menu and he kept his daily calories to around 2,000.

As an example, for breakfast, Cisna might have a bowl of oatmeal, two egg white delights and one percent milk. At lunchtime, his meal would be one of their salads. When dinner arrived, he would pick from one of their value meals, which might include Big Macs and ice cream sundaes.

The Iowa instructor stated that he did indeed eat Big Macs, quarter pounders with cheese, sundaes and ice cream cones. He added that he could eat anything from McDonald’s that he wanted as long as he was smart about his other food choices for the rest of that day; that balance was the key.

Also during this time, the Iowa teacher walked for 45 minutes each day. At the end of the 90 day experiment, Cisna reported that not only had he lost weight but his cholesterol dropped from 249 points to 170 points. He stated that he was able to become healthier just because he decided to make smart choices. He added that it is peoples own choices that make them fat, not McDonald’s.

To lose and gain weight is actually a lot of math instead of science. There are 3,500 calories within a pound. If a person eats an extra 500 calories each day for a week, and does not burn it off through any type of exercise, that individual will end up gaining a pound. Instead, if that same person counts the calories consumed and stays within a healthy boundary, that individual can sustain and even drop some pounds.

The Iowa resident stated he had never tried to use diet and exercise before this McDonald’s exercise.

In the 2004 Super Size Me film, Spurlock also only ate all his meals from McDonald’s but he only did it for 30 days. He ended up eating everything on their menu at least one time and always super-sized any orders when he was asked. However, Spurlock, who ended up consuming about 5,000 calories each day, was attempting to make a point that individuals were not making healthy choices about their personal nutrition. He also was trying to show that McDonald’s did not offer any healthy choices such as salads at that time.

After the film came out, the fast food company started to make healthy options available and removed some of the super-size options. The company said the movie had nothing to do with their menu changes.

Iowa science teacher John Cisna has put Super Size Me to shame by losing nearly 40 pounds and he did it by eating only fast food from McDonald’s for three months.

By Kimberly Ruble


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