Justin Bieber Blew $75 K on Strippers

Justin Bieber Blew $75 K on Strippers

Justin Bieber blew $75000 on strippers while they…danced and stripped for him and his rapper pal Lil Scrappy, 30. The Biebs wanted to give his friend a party he wouldn’t soon forget, so Justin took Lil Scrappy to the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Florida, where Bieber asked for the $75,000 in singles. He apparently wanted to make it rain, one Washington at a time.

Justin Bieber, 19, aka “The Weatherman,” brought his money storm to the strip club, showering the strippers with a veritable deluge of cash.

According to a Tweet sent from the strip club, “Justin Bieber just ordered 75k ones.” Also, a spokesman of King of Diamonds stated that, during his visit to the King of Diamonds strip club, the pop star dropped $75,000 to see the multi-talented pole dancing divas showcase their undeniable talents.

Bieber has no aversion to spending a small fortune in it means seeing women take off their clothes.

However, a news item written about “The Biebs” lately might not have as much factual basis as Justin’s desire to see beautiful naked females — that is, despite rumors on the Internet, Justin might not have had any illegal drugs at all at his LA house when police searched it for evidence that he’d egged his neighbour’s house, according to at least two published reports, one elsewhere in this issue.

No Drugs Found at Justin Bieber House

Meanwhile, according to a LA Sheriff, there wasn’t any evidence discovered of any drugs in the home of Justin Bieber. The police, armed with a search warrant, conducted an investigation into the recent egg throwing incident Bieber was involved in where he was accused of egging a neighbor’s house.

Still, other reports continue to state that illegal drugs were found by police inside his residence. There has even been speculation that Justin Bieber will enter drug rehab, or that his friends will conduct an intervention for him.

Will Justin Bieber try to write off the $75,000 as a business expense?

One of the many rumors swirling about the $75,000 that Justin Bieber spent on strippers is that he might be thinking about trying to use it as a tax write-off. If Bieber was using the $75,000 on the strippers to entertain recording executives or record producers, maybe there could be a case made that the money he spent would be a legitimate business expense.

While expenditures like bar tabs and restaurant bills can be deductible, it’s doubtful that Justin Bieber will try to make any such claim, though, as it’s already been reported by several media sources that he spent the money to celebrate Lil Scrappy’s birthday, rather than to utilize a tax loophole.

Justin Bieber spent the princely sum of $75,000 on strippers just to both show that he can, and as a favor to one of his friends. You’d think that Justin Bieber would try to lay low for awhile, as the he had Tweeted that he might be retiring; but no, he has a new album out, and something like the publicity that this announcement about Bieber’s spending $75,000 might generate could equal dollar signs. Retirement — what’s that?

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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