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Justin Bieber Dancing With Molly?

Justin Bieber Dancing With Molly?
Somewhat incredibly what started as a felony search warrant related to an egg crime has turned into something completely different; Bieber’s house raid revealed the presence of MDMA; so is Justin taking Miley Cyrus’ advice and dancing with Molly? The answer to that question cannot be given just yet as police have decided to take Lil Za’s word that the offending powder belonged to him.

The backstory for this drug fuelled drama began with allegations that 19 year-old Justin Bieber had been caught out throwing eggs at his next door neighbor’s house. The man and his daughter were at home during the attack and, presumably, they recognised the popstar as he lobbed eggs at their gated residence.

This attack was no little matter as the overall cost of the damage caused by the projectiles reached $20,000. This huge financial price tag put the attack in felony territory and the police reacted accordingly. With Belieber’s crying foul, law enforcement officials got a felony search warrant signed by the proper officials and hit Bieber’s house at 8 o’clock a.m.

When the police entered the singer’s home he was still asleep, but, he was not alone. Authorities have reported that no less than eight people were rounded up and detained in the house’s garage during the search. According to one official an “illegal” substance, which police initially thought was cocaine, was in plain sight and Bieber’s “live-in” friend Lil Za confessed that the offending powder belonged to him.

The wannabe rapper, big only on YouTube thus far, was taken down, booked and then released on bail. Twice. Once for the drug and one more time for ripping a telephone out of the wall at the station. Forgetting about Lil Za, real name Xavier Smith, for a moment and moving back to the substance, it turns out that the cocaine was really powdered MDMA and Xanax. Yes indeed, looks like Justin Bieber has been dancing with Molly just like his gal pal Miley Cyrus.

Justin could take a few lessons from his controversial friend. Miley Cyrus has been in the news more than Bieber, but, her antics have been of a sexual nature meant to propel her image and kill off her Disney Hannah Montana beginnings. Singing of Molly is not the same as having it in your house. Of course, 21 year-old Cyrus doesn’t go around egging her neighbor’s homes. Not breaking the law means not having police search your house. Which means you can pretty much have what you want, legally or not, inside your own castle.

Justin take note.

Of course when you have as many friends to take the blame for all your antics like Bieber does, why worry. So far the singer has had someone else take the credit for speeding through the Calabasas community and his security team takes the blame for assaulting paparazzi and other non-paparazzi victims.

Now, the popstar has someone to take the credit for a controlled, and illegal, substance. Lil Za may be trying to make up for his earlier banishment in September 2013. He and Lil Twist both got kicked out of Bieber’s mansion after some personal jewelry went missing. Lil Za, Smith, taking the hit for the drugs found at Bieber’s house could be his atonement for the “misunderstanding” in 2013.

Regardless of just who the Molly belonged to, it was found in Justin Bieber’s home. He could well be dancing with Molly, but, not while he was egging his neighbor’s house. Molly, which is powdered Ecstasy, should make the user love everyone, even complaining neighbors. Although the Xanax could have alleviated any anxiety caused by the egg throwing incident.
By Michael Smith


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