Justin Bieber Detained by Police in Ridiculous Neighbor Egg Incident

entertainment, eggs, neighbor, police, detained

entertainment, eggs, neighbor, police, detained

In a case that is getting absolutely ridiculous, Justin Bieber was detained inside his garage Tuesday morning for cops to raid his home. That is right, raid a citizen’s home over eggs. This writer may not be a big fan of the star, especially his recent behavior, but the police are bordering on pushing this over the top. Previous reports indicated the neighbor’s daughter felt “assaulted” by the egg-throwing incident. Neither were injured by the eggs. Insert eye roll here.

We get, Mr. Neighbor, we do - but extremes commonly collide and never work.
We get it, Mr. Neighbor, we do – but extremes commonly collide and never work.

Come on, it is time to rack this one up as lunacy. In a world of unsolved cases, missing children, burglary and a plethora of serious crimes – cops are showing up at the door of a celebrity with a battering ram? Call this writer old fashioned, but how about just walking over and knocking on the door and asking said neighbor “why were you throwing eggs?” Here’s thinking why – perhaps the neighbor knows there is more to this story outside several thousand in damages. Speaking of, if one lives within the same neighborhood as Bieber, the damage would be covered by insurance companies and a good lawyer.

11 cop cars surrounded the house, to find the suspect at home. Bieber did not resist or create issues, per witnesses. He stepped into the garage once officers displayed the warrant. Of course, it is being reported the cops are looking for far more than any links to eggs. The neighbor may had been upset, but to be satisfied with police intervention only makes him just as ridiculous. We get it, honestly. The singer has a lot of money, throws late-night parties and has been acting up. Corrective action could come through diplomatic ways, such as neighbor meetings and watch block groups.

Before supporters of this movement start taking issue with this article and its stance, step back for a moment. Bieber and his neighbor represent the issues neighbors commonly face with one another. It is highly doubted any reader would want to have a spat with their neighbor and have them call the cops, armed with a battering ram. While the neighbor states he knows it was Bieber who threw the eggs, he claims his innocence. Perhaps, it is recalling a personal former issue with a neighbor that senses the neighbor claims of innocence may be, false.

The star isn't bad, he just needs guidance, good guidance.
The star isn’t bad, he just needs guidance, good guidance.

It typically takes two to tango and it is highly doubtful, Bieber decided to grab a carton of eggs and mosey next door for no reason, at all. Sure, the young singer has completed some bad decisions lately, but he has also done some cool things throughout his career. From being one of the four celebrities in history, to fulfill 200 Make-A-Wish foundation wishes, he is an advocate of several other charities. In addition, the singer created a graffiti wall with the words emblazoned “Pray 4 Philippines.” He placed the spray cans and a signed picture of the LA Wall up for sale. 100 percent of the proceeds went to the Philippines typhoon relief group.

Bieber has also raised a significant amount of money for charities, by donating a percentage of his concert sales to them. One such charity is “Pencils of Promise.” The funds have assisted the growth of education throughout the world, especially suffering countries. Most recently, the star joined the “Pencils of Promise” charity team to travel to Guatemala, bringing smiles and happiness to the residents there.

Sometimes, the public is so ready to feed off all of the negative press, the good someone does is forever buried. Sure, Bieber has his issues – he launched into stardom at an incredibly early age. It is expected he will mess up, he is a work in progress. There could have been more credible ways for this neighbor to handle this obvious spat with Bieber. He could had contacted his attorney to draft a letter, he could had asked to meet Bieber to avoid confrontation. The minute the police show up because the neighbor is so “assaulted” by eggs hitting his house, it borders on ridiculous and credibility falls as low as expected.

No, there is a kinder person inside.
No not bad, there is a kinder person inside.

Bieber, if he did perform the act, should get reprimanded, but a felony? Call this writer crazy, but neighbor disputes happen on much greater scales and seeing cops outside of the door with a battering ram- over eggs? Some logic, instead of extremes need to be inserted here. For now, Bieber is reportedly being detained in his garage as the police scour his home to link him to the case of the ridiculous egg incident with his neighbor.


Angelina Bouc

Gossip Cop


2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Detained by Police in Ridiculous Neighbor Egg Incident

  1. Thank you Angelina for an excellent article. The national bullying of this young man is something we should be ashamed of. He is young and he has messed up but his faults pale in comparison to most of our other pop and rap stars. He is a target because he is small and looks young and a bit “soft” for his age. Young men feel that the industry has made him into a fake “alpha” male and it really irritates them. OK point taken, but he is not a bad kid and, as you point out, has done much more good in his young life than many of us. Please leave the kid alone and let him grow up as normal as he possibly can in this sick culture of obsessive celebrity worship.

  2. Cops are out of control ….especially after 911……..they shoot people because their mad at them for not giving the proper respect…..then found “innocent” by an investigation done by themselves. This is pretty much as the writer said…….meanwhile in a 50 square mile section of south central LA, violent gangs run the streets……….Just crazy……

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