Justin Bieber Egged His Neighbor On?

Justin Bieber performing

Justin Bieber’s home is being raided right now.  Police have just gotten to his house with a felony search warrant in hand.  Responding to the teen-idol’s egg assault charge, deputies are trying to find anything that can connect him to the incident.

Bieber’s neighbor’s house sustained over $20,000 in damage, which puts it in the felony range of statutes and could land Bieber in jail if found guilty.

While the police are search for eggs and anything else, such as video, that could link Beiber to the incident, other things found, such as drugs, could be found.  If drugs are found during the search, then additional charges would be placed.

Beiber has been sliding past legal issues for the past year and police have been intent on getting him.  If any drugs are found in Bieber’s home, his singing days may be over for awhile.

Twitter has lit up with this latest issue regarding Bieber.

According to Twitter:

Bieber is, at this moment, being held in his garage while police search the residence.

By Jerry Nelson


Toronto Star

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