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Justin Bieber: Jars of Weed and Rude Texts…Not

Justin Bieber: Jars of Weed and Rude Texts…Not
So according to certain websites, when the house of Justin Bieber was searched, for eggs-vidence, police found jars of weed and rude texts…not. The rumor mills have been running hot on the Canadian pop star and his “erratic” behaviour. Just recently the 19 year-old singer was reported to have urinated his initials in the snow of a snazzy suburban area around Snowmass, Colorado.

Before the story of Bieber and his crew peeing in the snowy suburbs of Colorado, there was the story of the great egg caper in Calabasas, California. It seems that Justin, and a few friends, egged a neighbor’s house. The neighbor, one Jeffrey Schwartz, called the police and reported that Justin lobbed about 20 eggs at his elite estate which caused around $20,000 worth of damage.

Since local law officials are keen to keep all members of the gated California community happy, not just Bieber, they got a judge to sign a felony search warrant enabling the police to search his home. Apparently, the authorities did not find one shell or egg carton in the house. They did, however, find a few “hangers-on” and what appeared, at first glance, to be cocaine in a bowl in Lil Za’s room.

The rapper, and live-in friend of Bieber’s, fessed up to owning the powder, which police now think is powdered MDMA, aka Molly, with Xanax. Za was taken “downtown” and booked. Unfortunately for Lil Za, he was booked not once, but twice. Allegedly he was on the phone while at the station and whatever he heard on the other end caused the young rapper to rip the phone out of the wall. This act of hostile aggression earned him another booking and an increase in the bail required to get him out of jail.

This stash of “Molly” is the only reported drugs find. Justin Bieber’s jars of weed have not been reported and police have also said that not only had they found no rude texts, but, that they had not found any naked pictures of Bieber, aroused or otherwise. Lil Za was the only person in Justin’s house connected with drugs.

Forgetting about the trials and tribulations of Lil Za; reports have been coming in that when cops went through Bieber’s home, they found a treasure trove of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Allegedly, there were two jars full to the brim with weed, aka marijuana, and discolored bottles, of Fanta no less, which appeared to have had codeine in them. All the better to make some wicked lean, yo.

However, just like the Ronco Pocket Fisherman salesman used to say, “But wait, there’s more.” Not only did police allegedly find weed and enough bongs in the house to excite a pre-treatment Amanda Bynes, law enforcement officials also found some cell phone evidence that would make most 19 year-old’s blush. If reports are to be believed, that is.

Police confiscated Bieber’s cell phones, and his home security system, to see if the popstar had filmed his, alleged, egg throwing. It has been reported that on Bieber’s cell phone cops found some very nasty texts sent to Selena Gomez. Reportedly, said texts, were an on-going argument between Justin and his girl over drugs.

Investigators also found a nude picture, or two, of Justin’s erect member which had been sent to Gomez with the caption, “Don’t tell me you don’t miss this.” Along with the XXX rated video snap, Bieber also, allegedly, sent more texts to Selena saying that he could not hear her over all “his money.” He also told her, in these “texts” that she is only famous because of him.

This latest bit of sensational information about Justin Bieber, including the jars of weed as well as the rude texts, appears to be just more bits of information being supplied from someone inside the Bieber camp as part of a smear campaign and not true. Bieber’s rep has said that neither the pictures nor the texts had any basis in fact and the police have stated that the drugs information is also untrue. The peeing in the snow escapade has yet to be confirmed or denied.

By Michael Smith


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