Middle Schoolers Snorting Candy Like Illegal Drugs


There seems to be a problem with middle schoolers who are picking up an odd habit of snorting the candy Smarties like illegal drugs. What seems to be the biggest concern is how the candy is being used for snorting and smoking. Partaking in such acts could be an indicator of future drug use. Side effects from snorting and smoking Smarties like illegal drugs include lung irritation, infections, allergic reactions, scarring of the nasal passages, or even a nasal maggot infestation.

Middle schoolers are grounding the Smarties candy into a powder in order to snort it with a straw. These actions mimic how some illegal drugs are taken by powdering pills in order to be snorted or smoked. A Rhode Island Portsmouth middle school has been having a serious problem with kids partaking in this dangerous fad. School officials have been sending letters home to parents, alerting them about these dangerous acts. Sometimes the children have been seen rolling up dollar bills and paper in order to snort or smoke powdered Smarties.

Since 2007, there have been YouTube videos showing kids challenging each other with dares to snort or smoke the Smarties powder. Usually, they end up coughing and in pain after snorting the candy. A video that was aired live in Wisconsin has even shown kids snorting Smarties. About 15 children in a Hamburg, New York middle school were caught snorting the candy. The acts themselves are the same as snorting heroin, cocaine and prescriptions pills when they are cut and powdered for snorting and smoking.

Many parents are blaming YouTube for starting the unusual but dangerous phenomenon showing a variety of kids daring each other to snort the powder in order to endure the instant unpleasant side effects. While some people will claim that kids will do stupid stuff like this, it is an indication of possible future use of illegal drugs. There could also be a link to some children seeing various drugs being abused by an adult, thus giving kids ideas on starting up a similar habit.

Authorities are warning parents to be aware of their children suddenly becoming interested in toting around a bunch of Smarties, mirrors or other tools typically used for snorting or smoking drugs. Is this a serious warning sign that could lead kids into trying the hard stuff? It is hard to say, but it is not something that should be taken lightly. This problem could well show potential for much younger children to start using illegal drugs.

Children are basically sponges when it comes to doing stupid things that may seem cool to them. Starting such a dangerous trend usually comes from observing from someone who is doing the behavior the children are mimicking. The Smarties candy looks similar to pills, so the act of snorting and smoking does seem to have a link to illegal drugs in one way or another. Officials and parents are going to need to keep a close eye on any child participating in such acts due to the potential problems in middle schoolers that snort and smoke the Smarties candy like illegal drugs.

By Tina Elliott


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